ROB-EX production scheduling = overview and efficient production operations

Fed up with rescheduling, bottle necks, having to resort to overtime or delayed deliveries?

Optimise production scheduling with ROB-EX Scheduler

ROB-EX Scheduler is a production scheduling system that provides a fully
viewable production plan. It is integrable with all ERP systems.

ROB-EX is a standard tool for efficient and viewable planning

Improve both your top and bottom lines with efficient scheduling

Reduce lead time, work in progress, overtime and time allocated to scheduling.
Improve utilisation and the output of your equipment.

Selected references

ROB-EX Scheduler Plastic Injection moulding Demo

Visual, dynamic and detailed production scheduling in pharmaceutical industry

What’s new?

Now we can deliver an order confirmation in only 5 minutes

With ROB-EX the planning process at Knudsen Extrusion has become easier, faster and with less friction. It used to be a cumbersome work to process a customer order because the consequences had to be calculated in Excel. Now the planning staff can execute quick and precise analyses in ROB-EX so that the customer can get an almost immediate response.

New Supporter and Support Team Lead in ROB-EX Support

At the end of January, we said goodbye to Christoffer Bryld, after 4 years in ROB-EX Support. We thank Christoffer for his great commitment and for leading ROB-EX Support and establishing the formal and professional support department that we have today. We are very happy to announce that Katrine Tangaa Andresen, also ROB-EX Support and who many already know for great support and kindness, has taken over as Support Team Lead.

ROB-EX Dashboard provides transparency and improves collaboration between departments – and across borders

With ROB-EX Dashboard, management at Cimbria Manufacturing is always in control of the order status, and they know how busy things are in production and the exact areas in which capacity may be under pressure. It makes it much simpler to visualise how capacity and turnover are interconnected, and to maintain the right balance between them. Management and sales are able better equipped to schedule future initiatives, when they know the precise status of operations, both day to day as well as three months ahead.

Big step for ROB-EX Cloud

In the next version, which we are developing right now, we are taking a big step with the ROB-EX client so that it supports a wide range of features. Therefore, even more will soon be able to use a browser as their preferred access to ROB-EX.