ROB-EX production scheduling = overview and efficient production operations

Fed up with rescheduling, bottle necks, having to resort to overtime or delayed deliveries?

Optimise production scheduling with ROB-EX Scheduler

ROB-EX Scheduler is a production scheduling system that provides a fully
viewable production plan. It is integrable with all ERP systems.

ROB-EX is a standard tool for efficient and viewable planning

Improve both your top and bottom lines with efficient scheduling

Reduce lead time, work in progress, overtime and time allocated to scheduling.
Improve utilisation and the output of your equipment.

Selected references

ROB-EX Scheduler Plastic Injection moulding Demo

Visual, dynamic and detailed production scheduling in pharmaceutical industry

What’s new?

We had the needed overview the minute we were up and running

All responsibilities concerning scheduling were allocated to a single employee. This meant that one man was responsible for keeping production up and running at all times, for ensuring that the required orders were produced and for ensuring that produced goods were delivered on time. This is a heavy burden for any one man to bear. We really needed help, and we chose ROB-EX as our solution to solving the problems.”

ROB-EX is an important step toward digitization

It was really great that we went live with ROB-EX at the time, we did, as we were super busy. If we’ve had to do it all manually, we might had lost sight of it. And we can see now that ROB-EX is the perfect solution for us

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ROB-EX tells you what is actually happening

With ROB-EX, we have really gained a full overview of production, and it’s simply great. Especially since we set up viewers in production, so that everyone can see what’s going. Virtually everyone in the company uses ROB-EX – even our owner and CPO