ROB-EX production scheduling = overview and efficient production operations

Fed up with rescheduling, bottle necks, having to resort to overtime or delayed deliveries?

Optimise production scheduling with ROB-EX Scheduler

ROB-EX Scheduler is a production scheduling system that provides a fully
viewable production plan. It is integrable with all ERP systems.

ROB-EX is a standard tool for efficient and viewable planning

Improve both your top and bottom lines with efficient scheduling

Reduce lead time, work in progress, overtime and time allocated to scheduling.
Improve utilisation and the output of your equipment.

Selected references

ROB-EX Scheduler Plastic Injection moulding Demo

Visual, dynamic and detailed production scheduling in pharmaceutical industry

What’s new?

Support is open all summer

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Tips & Tricks: Transition Rules

Transition rules means that limitations are established to dedicate a certain operation to specific resources, and closing off the operation for other resources in the group that are not capable of carrying out the specialised operation.

ROB-EX 7.0 is ready for download

Read about the new features and download the new version here

ROB-EX A/S reinforces the Board of Directors with two new members

In March ROB-EX A/S held its General Assembly and presented a very satisfying annual report for the year 2019. At the same occasion, the Board of Directors was strengthened with two new profiles.