With ROB-EX it is easier to re-plan and refine plans in detail

ROB-EX produktionsplanlægning

 “It has become more transparent and we now have an overview of production since we got ROB-EX four years ago,” say the two planners from Vikan, Jacob Nørgaard and René Kälberg, “we are much more in control of the plan, and it is easier to refine it down to the smallest detail.”

Our support is open all summer

ROB-EX A/S is closed for the holidays from July the 16th to July the 27th, but you can get in touch with our support all summer. Mail: support@rob-ex.com or phone: 7022 0170 …

Without ROB-EX it would be nearly hopeless

“With ROB-EX it is easy, and planning is under control. I can see who must do what and when – and I can see when things go wrong”
Bjarne Østergaard, Planner at Alsform

Digitalisation of production

Baltic Packaging is a 101-year-old family-owned business that manufactures metal packaging for 20 countries. The company is known as a supplier of paint buckets and differentiates itself from the competitors ...

We are called ROB-EX A/S now

You are probably familiar with the product ROB-EX Scheduler. In fact, that is also the only product we work on, and therefore we take the consequence of changing our company ...


ROB-EX can filter the display of information so you only see, for example, the resources (machines) that the selected orders were planned with.