We are called ROB-EX A/S now

You are probably familiar with the product ROB-EX Scheduler. In fact, that is also the only product we work on, and therefore we take the consequence of changing our company ...


ROB-EX can filter the display of information so you only see, for example, the resources (machines) that the selected orders were planned with.

New online manual in ROB-EX 6.4

In the new ROB-EX version 6.4 you will find an online manual that makes it a lot easier to get help where and when you need it.

100 Planners met for ROB-EX User Day

100 Planners met for ROB-EX User Day in March, for networking and to listen to cases from two companies using ROB-EX for planning in very different ways. Also everybody became …

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at ROB-EX!

Our support is open during the holidays.

Great breakthrough for ROB-EX in Israel

ROB-EX Scheduler is moving into the Israeli market for production scheduling with a new partner: Amitai Strategic Consulting ASC Ltd. and Managing Director Tzur Amitai. ASC is a consultancy company ...