Why we chose ROB-EX to control our production

Today, production companies need a dedicated scheduling tool because production scheduling is, without question, an area in production companies that quite literally touches the main part of the company’s values and assets every day. More and more companies have realised that they need to change their systems setup, if they are to maintain a competitive edge. They wish to improve the reliability and efficiency of production through efficient and transparent production scheduling and a lot of these companies choose ROB-EX as their new production scheduling system.

A Support that exceeds expectations

”ROB-EX controls entire productions, so help must be available immediately, if something goes wrong. We have a real responsibility towards our customers. Here we’re dedicated to making good on the customer’s trust in us,” says Support Team Lead at ROB-EX A/S, Katrine Tangaa Andresen, and she continues: ”We’re not a tucked away support unit that customers only get to meet after the activation process. We’re actively involved from the beginning of each project. We participate in the initial meetings and we guide customers through the installation. This makes us really well equipped to support our customers after the activation.