Digitalisation as a medium for growth

Many manufactoring companies find themselves in markets with increasing international competition. It is a prerequisite for competitiveness that response time is short, efficiency is optimal and continuous adjustments and changes in the market are incorporated promptly – and all of this, while also maintaining reliable delivery times. This puts digitalisation at the very top of the agenda in many manufacturing companies. Digitalisation is a necessary premiss for growth and competitiveness – and for improving the company’s position in the market.

Significant gains to be had from digitalisation processes

When production processes are digitalised, the generated results can be registered in both time and money. Digitalisation of processes often generates significant improvement of the top and bottom lines, as workflow is streamlined and operation costs are reduced.

Added benefits related to digitalisation of production include: significantly improved efficiency, minimised number of stops and errors in production and increased security of supply. Moving forward to the next customer and the next order is easier and faster.

Digitalisation improves data validation. Continuously updated data ensures that all key figures are reliable at all times, and this serves as a strong and qualified basis for decision-making in the entire value chain.

Digitalisation of production with ROB-EX Scheduler

Optimisation of operations through prioritised production scheduling is a major asset in the digitalisation processes in manufacturing companies. Optimisations and savings can be found throughout the entire value chain, and this improves the company’s competitive edge in the market.

ROB-EX Scheduler is a visual and dynamic scheduling tool. It provides all the features required for manufacturing companies to set up production optimally. The Gantt chart provides a full and comprehensive overview of the entire production plan, and when circumstances change in production or in the market, ROB-EX simulates the consequences of the given variation. This establishes a realistic and qualified basis for identifying the best possible solutions, at any given time.

It is extremely important that the entire corporate and production organisations are included in the digitalisation processes. The companies that exchange data efficiently across the organisation gain a competitive advantage compared to the ones that do not.

ROB-EX provides reliable data and qualifies decision-making in the entire company, including: production planners, top management, purchasing, sales, operators, foremen etc.  With ROB-EX Scheduler, the digitalisation of production processes turns into an overall competitive advantage for the entire company – as well as a strategic asset, as decisions in the value chain can be based on updated and reliable data. Operations are kept running without expensive interruptions and down-time, and customer satisfaction is improved as delivery times are met consistently. These effects of digitalisation improve both the top and bottom lines in the company.

With ROB-EX A/S, digitalisation is at the very top of the agenda

ROB-EX A/S specialises in digitalisation, and we have succesfully helped manufacturing companies digitalise many types of production processes over the years.

Our consultants are experienced and specialised in analysing the scheduling needs and value potential in manufacturing companies, identifying the best possible solutions based on the challenges and needs of the given manufacturer, and ensuring succesful implementation of the chosen digitalised solution.

Our customers report many additional benefits from the digitalisation of production, including: reduced labour costs, increased turnover, improved delivery times and lowered financing costs.






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