Installation guide: ROB-EX Client

When you click a link to a file that you wish to download, you will be asked to log in. Enter the username and password that you received from Novotek Planning Systems or from your vendor.

  1. Download the installation program to an optional location on your hard drive or file server. The installation program controls the installation of both ROB-EX Planner and ROB-EX Viewer.
    Download ROB-EX Gantt Client (approx. 150 MB)
  2. Run the installation program by doubleclicking the downloaded program from step 1 (.exe file).

Choose “New installation” and press “Next”. Choose the product (“Planner”) and the language for the installed program. Press “Next” and then press “Yes” to accept the user terms.

  1. Choose the catalogue for the installation of ROB-EX (use the ”Browse” button and press “Next”.

If you are going to operate with multiple licenses and/or a network license, we recommend that you install the program on a file server which provides reader/editor rights for all ROB-EX users.

  1. Choose installation:

To install the program without ROB-EX Floor: Choose “Typical” installation

To install the program with ROB-EX Floor: Choose “Custom” installation

  1. If the Java program has not already been installed on your PC, you will be asked to do so during the installation process. If you are asked to install Java, press ”Yes” and follow the standard installation procedure for Java.
  2. To install ROB-EX Viewer, repeat steps 2-5 above. REMEMBER to choose the product ”Viewer” in step 2, and in step 3, choose another installation library than the one chosen for the installation of the planner client.

Installation guide: ROB-EX Server

  1. Check that the following system requirements are met:
    • Microsoft SQL Server instance running on a local or remote server PC. The SQL Server instance must have the TCP/IP network protocol in on-mode, and must allow Mixed Mode Authentication.
    • Java JDK 1.6 (or later version) must be installed on the local server PC.
  2. Download and run the Multiuser Server installation program.
    Download ROB-EX server (approx. 50 MB)
  3. Install server instance 1, which will start the installation of ROB-EX Server Essentials.
    • Important: If any of the system requirements are lacking, read error-notifications carefully and carry out the instructed actions, then restart the installation program.
  4. ROB-EX Server Instance 1 will now be installed.
    • When requested, choose the SQL Server instance that will include the ROB-EX Server database. Choose approval method (either Windows Authentification or local username/password. Approval details are only used for the installation of the database and a new local user with the necessary user rights.
  5. When installation is complete, start ROB-EX Server services from Windows Services Manager.
    • In the event of installation problems, check the log file: “c:\program files (x86)\ROB-EX\ganttServer\server\gantt\log\server.log”.
  6. Administration of server users and Active Directory settings are carried out via the Web Administration pages http://localhost:8080/gantt
  7. For more information:
    • “ROB-EX Server Installation.pdf” located in “c:\program files (x86)\ROB-EX\ganttServer”
    • “Multiuser” chapters in the client user manual – located in the ”Help->User Manual” menu in the ROB-EX client.

Contact ROB-EX support

Telephone: 7022 0170 and press “2”