Upgrading to ROB-EX version 6.0 is only possible if you already have an active version of ROB-EX installed on your computer. To install a new ROB-EX Gantt license, please contact your vendor or Novotek Planning Systems.

We recommend that all existing customers upgrade to version 6.0.

It is important that both the ROB-EX Multiuser Server and the Client are upgraded together. We recommend that ROB-EX Multiuser Server is upgraded before the ROB-EX Client. NOTE: if you do not have a license for the ROB-EX Multiuser Server, it is not necessary to run the ROB-EX Server upgrade.

When you click a link to a file that you wish to access, you will be asked to log in. Log in with the username and password that you have received from Novotek Planning Systems or from your vendor.

ROB-EX Server upgrade – click here

Upgrade guide: ROB-EX Client

Download the upgrade program from Novotek Planning System’s homepage to an optional location on your local hard drive or file server. The installation program is used to upgrade both ROB-EX Pro Planner and ROB-EX Viewer. Any additional plugins (e.g. Intgration, ShopFloor etc.) are also upgraded via the installation program.

Download ROB-EX Gantt Client (approx. 150 MB):

  1. Find the location of your current ROB-EX Gantt installation, typically:
C:\programs\ROB-EX Gantt\planner

or on your file server, e.g.


Make a note of the location, as you will need it for step 5. IMPORTANT: ROB-EX Planner and ROB-EX Viewer are installed in separate libraries, which means that you must locate both the existing planner and the existing viewer.

  1. Ensure that no users are active in ROB-EX Planner or in ROB-EX Viewer – upgrading is only possible if all users have exited the program.
  2. Start the upgrade program by double-clicking the downloaded upgrading program from step 1 (.exe file).

Press “Next” on the first two screens, and press “Yes” to accept the license terms and conditions.

  1. Choose the catalogue for the existing ROB-EX installation (located in step 2) via the “Browse” button, then press “Next”. The installation program checks the existing installation (users with a license for the ShopFloor module may get an ”overwrite” alert, for more information see below). Press “Next” when you get a notification stating that everything is ready for installation. Backup of existing data will be placed in the ”Backup” catalogue, in the same catalogue that was located in step 2.
  2. You are now ready to run the new version. Check that you have upgraded correctly by starting ROB-EX Gantt and checking that the correct version no. is displayed in the menu: Help/About ROB-EX Gantt. Alternatively, check the version no. in the bottom lefthand corner on the main screen.
  3. Steps 4-6 are repeated for ROB-EX Gantt, ROB-EX Gantt Viewer and ROB-EX Gantt Light respectively. If ROB-EX Gantt is installed locally on one or several PCs, steps 4-6 are repeated on each of the PCs.

IMPORTANT (Concerns users with a license for the ROB-EX ShopFloor module)

ShopFloor pages that are viewable for the user are generated via so-called JSP pages, located in the catalogue: “pluginsshopfloorsitewebappsRoot”. These pages may have been modified manually for the given installation. If this is the case, you will receive an alert during the installation process:

Do you wish to overwrite existing JSP files?

If you press ”Yes” to overwrite existing JSP files, the current pages will be overwritten. Modifications that have been made to the old files must therefore be transferred to the new ones afterwards. Find a backup of your old files in the catalogue: “\backup\plugins\shopfloor\site\webapps\Root”

If you press “No” to overwriting existing JSP files, the existing pages will be kept in their current form.

Upgrade guide: ROB-EX Server

Important note for users with a ROB-EX multiuser license

It is important that both ROB-EX Multiuser Server and Client are upgraded together. We recommend that the Multiuser Server is upgraded before ROB-EX Clients.

Download the upgrade for ROB-EX Multiuser Server here:
ROB-EX Gantt Client (approx. 150 MB)

  1. Stop ROB-EX Multiuser Server before the upgrade is downloaded (if the server is started as an NT service, make sure that the service is deactivated).
  1. Run the upgrade program on the PC that operates the ROB-EX Multiuser Server, and follow the instructions on your screen.
  2. Restart ROB-EX Multiuser Server (if the server is started as an NT service, activate the service first).
  3. Upgrade ROB-EX Client by following the guide (at the top of this page). If Client is not upgraded, you will get an alert from the system when users attempt to log in from the Client.

Contact ROB-EX support

Telephone: 7022 0170 and press “2”
Mail: support@rob-ex.com