Great breakthrough for ROB-EX in Israel

ROB-EX Scheduler is moving into the Israeli market for production scheduling with a new partner: Amitai Strategic Consulting ASC Ltd. and Managing Director Tzur Amitai. ASC is a consultancy company specialising in supply chain management, information technology and strategic planning – in other words, a perfect partner for ROB-EX.

Hans Jørgen Lynggaard, on collaboration with ASC: ”It is absolutely key that our partners are acknowledged for their competences in our field. They must have high-level knowledge and skills in the area of production scheduling, and they must be familiar with the systems that ROB-EX integrates with. These factors are paramount in ensuring sound and optimal solutions for the customers. ASC possesses all these qualities and more. Managing Director Tzur Amitai has established contact with a number of Israeli production companies that are ready to implement our solution. We have already been in dialogue with several of the companies. The current contacts operate in a broad range of industrial sectors from electro-mechanical manufacturing over healthcare to food production. We see an enormous potential for ROB-EX in Israel.”

Full integration with other systems is key

ROB-EX matches the requirements of production companies in Israel. We have many years of experience with these types and sizes of companies – and our system matches the technological and educational competences in production. Tzur Amitai has swept the market for a suitable scheduling tool for Israeli production companies, and the chosen solution was ROB-EX, i.a. for the simple integration with other systems – an important requirement, as ROB-EX will be integrated with other ERP systems in Israel than the ones most commonly used in Europe.

Another criterion for choosing ROB-EX was that it is a tool developed and dedicated specifically for production scheduling, striking a balance between meeting the requirements of complex or otherwise demanding scheduling without being cumbersome. Hans Jørgen Lynggaard: “We are not major market players, but we are not lightweights in the game either. The features and the modular structure of our system enable us to offer efficient solutions for both complex and trivial planning – and this makes ROB-EX a very good investment, when one sets money invested off against profits generated”.

The Supply Chain Management Forum in Tel Aviv

In the summer of 2017, ASC and Managing Director Tzur Amiti participated in the conference: The Supply Chain Management Forum in Tel Aviv together with Hans Jørgen Lynggaard. Specialists from all across the globe and more than a thousand directors and managers from the industrial sectors in Israel were gathered to discuss how production companies navigate as industrial sectors undergo massive developments. The latest trends and solutions were presented at an associated industrial fair.

ROB-EX participated in the industrial fair and hosted an exhibition stand that attracted a lot of interest. Hans Jørgen Lynggaard presented a typical business case for successful implementation of the ROB-EX Scheduler in production scheduling, e.g. a case from the injection moulding industry: Dynamic Detailed Production Scheduling in Injection Moulding. Injection moulding scheduling is a good example of the versatility and flexibility of the ROB-EX solution, at this type of production covers many different resources (machines, operators and tools/equipment). ROB-EX is an efficient tool for optimising set-up time and machine changeovers for separate or diverse production orders.

”The interest generated by ROB-EX was overwhelming. I made a lot of interesting contacts and got a lot of very promising leads at the conference. I look forward to following up on all the new possibilities for collaboration with production companies in Israel in the not too distant future.” – Hans Jørgen Lynggaard.

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