ROB-EX is specifically tailored to meet the requirements for production scheduling in industrial manufacturing companies. The system is currently used across a broad range of sectors, and in many countries across the world. ROB-EX is a standard solution. It is easy to get started – and the system is configurable to meet the specific challenges of discrete manufacturing.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Sudden changes in orders (e.g. number of items) requiring a lot of time for re-scheduling
  • Many rush orders – fast delivery is key
  • Customers demand reliable delivery times – at all times
  • Bottlenecks occur – other machines are left idling
  • Changes in orders result in the need for overtime = added costs
  • There is pressure on you to promise very tight delivery times – competitors are breathing down your neck
  • If one machine breaks down there is a domino effect of delays and other challenges that must be dealt with very quickly

The high demands for flexibility and short delivery times make production scheduling in Excel (or in a standard ERP system) too slow and cumbersome.

Increase flexibility and predictability in production

  • Schedule and reschedule quickly and efficiently
    • ROB-EX provides a fully viewable (graphic) overview of the effects of potential or actual changes in your plan – both as regards machines/equipment and staff
  • Plan ahead
    • You are able to schedule over an extended period – not just the next couple of activities
  • Offer realistic and reliable delivery times
    • You will have an immediate overview through simulation of potential new orders, and provide customers with immediate and reliable answers as regards delivery times.
  • Solve problems early on
    • You have all relevant information at hand to deal with unforeseen events or delays, and are able to respond at the earliest possible time. Should a delay be inevitable, you are able to inform the customer on all aspects of the delay – including providing a new delivery date that you will be able to keep
  • Optimise utilisation of machines
    • You have a tool for balancing the workload on machines and minimise non-productive time
  • Mark production to stock and production to order
    • You will be able to distinguish easily between orders set up to stock, and orders set up for sales. This will help you make relevant changes in prioritisations in production activities – delay production to stock and bump up rush orders
  • Ensure that data is fully exchanged with your ERP system
    • You will have full integration of necessary data and information between ROB-EX and your ERP system. Data only needs to be entered once

Industries currently using ROB-EX for discrete manufacturing include:

Steel and metal

  • Machine manufacturers
  • Steel construction
  • Machine manufacturing and equipment supply
  • Metal stamping
  • Metal casting
  • Profile rolling
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Transmission solutions


  • Injection moulding
  • Packaging
  • Rubber components
  • Plastic processing

Electronic manufacturing

  • Electrical panels
  • Electronics
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Technical power-driven heating systems
  • Electromechanic manufacturing and assembly


  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Carpets and textiles
  • Wood processing


  • Element production


  • Production of parts for airplanes and vehicles

Graphic production

Kellpo: We had the needed overview the minute we were up and running

All responsibilities concerning scheduling were allocated to a single employee. This meant that one man was responsible for keeping production up and running at all times, for ensuring that the required orders were produced and for ensuring that produced goods were delivered on time. This is a heavy burden for any one man to bear. We really needed help, and we chose ROB-EX as our solution to solving the problems.”

Hans Jørgen Lynggaard
CEO, partner

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