ROB-EX is a comprehensive solution for production scheduling tailored to meet the requirements of process manufacturing, specifically developed for manufacturers of:

  • Food
  • Medical production
  • Chemicals

ROB-EX provides tools for managing processes efficiently:

  • Ensure adequate buffer capacity between processes
  • Get an immediate overview of the effects of your planned activities
  • Respond to variations in processes or change the plan to deal with unforeseen occurrences

Resources in a process-based manufacturing company typically consist of process plants, tanks and silos.

ROB-EX is tailored for manufacturing based on batch materials and focusses on all aspects of production for customers, production to stock and continuous processes. Batches are similar to production orders, but have particular scheduling requirements.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Several production lines with multiple variants on each line
  • Multiple variants
  • CIP
  • Physical limitations in production facilities
  • Storage capacity is key
  • Fluctuations in customer demand
  • Load balancing
  • CTP – Capable to Promise
  • Scheduling must take allergen/kosher/halal concerns into account

You only need to enter data and information once – ROB-EX exchanges all necessary information with your ERP system.

Features tailored for process manufacturing

  • Pegging with overlap
    • Dedicating semi-processed products from one process for subsequent continued processing. (Includes filling and emptying)
  • Demand satisfier
    • Autogeneration of orders based on requirements, e.g. shipments or orders requiring delivering milk in cartons, where previous orders that include production of milk will be set up accordingly and automatically
  • CIP macro
    • Set up CIP orders at certain intervals or set up for new products based on preset rules
  • Shelf life
    • Marking of processes that have been scheduled for production too late in relation to the use-by date of materials. Avoid waste of materials, products – an avoid penalty costs
  • BOM scheduling
    • Plan operation start when sufficient materials are available and storage capacity is ready. Scheduling can exploit possibilities for utilising substitute materials
  • Split options
    • Based on maximum batch size on relevant resource or limitations in storage capacity. ROB-EX adapts batch sizes in the plan to match the limitations in physical equipment
  • Join
    • Collects batches into lots
  • Changeover time
    • Relative to the given product vis-á-vis the previous product and the relevant equipment
  • Schedule with reservation of storage tanks (until emptied)
  • BOM with parts lists, graphs etc.
    • Calculation and graphic presentation of inventory, consumption and production (raw materials, semi-processed materials and fully processed products)
  • Waste
    • Include considerations regarding waste generated by various processes
  • Piping limitations
    • Include limitations in pipe capacity in your scheduling
  • Include QA operation and resources in your scheduling
  • Per material:
    • total amount/volume
    • amount/volume in storage
    • amount/volume divided into categories
  • Re-work orders
  • Schedule maintenance of equipment

Industries: process manufacturing:

Food and beverages

  • Yeast production
  • Dairies
  • Ingredients for the food industries
  • Animal feed
  • Wine bottling

Life science

  • Medical manufacturing
  • Dietary supplements
  • Personal hygiene product manufacturing
  • Fibre industry
  • Biotech
  • Cleaning equipment (high-level hygiene)

Chemical manufacturing

  • Chemicals
  • Paint and surface treatment/finish

WOCA has increased production by 20% – same manpower

”Without ROB-EX, WOCA Denmark would not have improved efficiency to the extent that we have – and certainly not as rapidly. WOCA has been able to shut down the nightshift, thanks to ROB-EX – and we have increased day-time production by 20% – without additional manpower”

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