It is all about world-class customer service

ROB-EX Support guides and advises customers and partners from around the world on specific issues, settings, tips and tricks and much more. It is important to us that our ROB-EX users continuously reap great value from using ROB-EX – also when we are no longer by their side.

ROB-EX Support consists of employees and Support IT Trainees, and this makes quite good sense because they can each contribute with their competences. In addition to being specialists in ROB-EX functions, ROB-EX Support also has extensive knowledge of the technical specifications, the customers’ various ERP systems and of production management in general. The latter is indeed important as managing customers’ production is inextricably linked to how planning in ROB-EX can provide the most meaning and value to them.

“In ROB-EX Support, we have a very high level of service and we have very good contact with our customers. It is important to us that we understand their needs, their challenges and the way they work. In this way, we can provide quality support and make sure that they continuously reap great value out of using ROB-EX,” says Christoffer Bryld, Support Team Lead in the Support Department, and continues; “our customers should always feel confident in using ROB-EX and therefore they are more than welcome to contact us when they have any questions about the planning system, etc.”

ROB-EX Support receives hundreds of inquiries every month by phone and email. As far as possible, all inquiries are answered on the same day or the day after.

Malene Kjerulff Andersen
Office Manager

+45 2463 7025

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