KMC: We could not have done without the workshop …

KMC made use of this opportunity together with Eva Pálsdóttir and Milo Schulz from ROB-EX. The purpose of the workshop was to prepare KMC for using ROB-EX Scheduler.
– We could not have done without the workshop, says Nikolaj Hunskjær, planner at KMC. And we really achieved a lot – more than I had expected. The ROB-EX team was good at understanding KMC’s requirements, says Nikolaj Hunskjær. They know what they’re talking about, and together, we came to a joint understanding about what the challenges were and what KMC needs.
The standard solution can cover KMC’s requirements to a large extent

At the workshop, the technical requirements were defined and KMC’s planning needs were clarified together with requirements and expectations regarding a new planning solution. During the workshop, KMC’s data was put into a prototype so that it became clear precisely how the system would work.

The standard solution can meet KMC’s requirements to a large extent. Only a few things had to be adjusted to accommodate KMC’s requirements.

– From now on it will be easier to access planning, we will have more control over our capacity and it will be easier to transfer activities to others, says Nikolaj Hunskjær, who expects that KMC will have more stable planning now and will have more control of their master data.


KMC provides potato-based ingredients to the food industry around the world. The company has about 175 employees.
KMC has bought ROB-EX Scheduler and is about to have the system set up to meet their specific requirements. The plan is to have a controller and two planners be super users of the system and establish it throughout the factory, and possibly in other departments.

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