Advanced Scheduling

Variations in setup requirements, changeovers or lead time makes scheduling highly complex. Use ROB-EX to simplify scheduling with time variables.

ROB-EX manages changeovers and lead time

ROB-EX Advanced Scheduling sets the correct time frames for lead time and changeovers for different products or machines – including time variables.

Once you have entered the different time variables into ROB-EX, the Advanced Scheduling tool automatically applies the relevant time variables to all subsequent scheduling. If it is necessary to reschedule a given order, so that it is executed by a different machine, ROB-EX automatically includes the impact of the changes in lead time and changeovers, and shows you the implications that the changes have for the plan.

Minimise time spent on changeovers

Changeovers are costly – both as regards time and money. ROB-EX Advanced Scheduling sequences orders so that time spent on changeovers is minimised.

All changeovers are defined in a matrix or a table in ROB-EX, and the Advanced Scheduling tool calculates the optimum sequencing of production orders – and it also calculates the optimum sequencing of the required activities in production.  With ROB-EX you minimise time spent on changeovers and optimise machine utilisation so that you maximise time spent on actual production.

No changeovers are too complex

Changeovers are not just changeovers. In the ROB-EX matrix you define all changeovers and their inter-dependencies and time variables.

An example:

Changeover from product A to product B = 30 minutes

Changeover from product A to product C = 90 minutes

Changeover from product B to product C = 10 minutes

Changeover from product B to product A = 25 minutes


ROB-EX includes such variables in your scheduling.

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