An open and configurable standard system

ROB-EX production scheduling is a system that has been undergoing continual development over many years. The system focuses on the particular needs and requirements relating to production scheduling in production companies of all sizes. We offer a standard solution, and in many cases the standard solution fully covers the company’s requirements in relation to production scheduling. The standard solution is configurable and can also be expanded with a broad range of optional specialised modules.

If your production scheduling has special requirements, we are able to integrate these into your solution through configuration of the standard solution, or simply through entering your special requirements via the API.

Configurations via script or open API

We are able to use configuration in two ways (both fully integrable with ROB-EX):

  • Minor adjustments or configurations (e.g. scheduling rules) can simply be inserted as a script in the programme coding (standard: Groovy)
  • Major changes or configurations are added via specialised programming of a plug-in (Java-based). Such configurations include specialised features or data fields that we connect with ROB-EX via open API. The API also makes it possible to connect your own specialised features or modules with ROB-EX

When several users have the same needs

As part of our continued development of ROB-EX, we collect information regarding specialised features and other configurations. We continuously assess whether there is a general need for a given feature or configuration – in which case we integrate the given feature in the standard ROB-EX solution.

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