ROB-EX: integrable with all ERP systems

A lot of the information needed for scheduling is entered into your ERP system – or in other systems implemented in the company. ROB-EX Scheduler is designed for full exchange of information with other systems, so that you are able to re-use core data and order information that has already been collected in your ERP system.

ROB-EX provides

  • a planning solution that integrates with your ERP system
  • a tool to circumvent the limitiations set by your ERP system, providing you with a better scheduling solution

Features included in ROB-EX Integration:

  • Open interface for import and export of data ( XML, SQL, CSV or Web service)
  • Exchange of data: resources, calendars, operations, orders, projects, series, materials, parts lists, storage, planned and actual material usage (including shipment and purchasing), status and marking for completed partial operations

ERP systems integrable with ROB-EX include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Visma Business
  • SAP

Rynkeby Machine Shop have more orders in production and their delivery performance is improved

Before the investment in ROB-EX, Rynkeby Machine Shop had another scheduling system that did not work properly.

Novozymes has reduced lead times by 30% and achieved a considerable increase in productivity

At Novozymes ROB-EX gather data for detail scheduling from the ERP system SAP. The exchange from SAP to ROB-EX includes order data (batch no., product no.,). This saves double data entries and minimizes errors in data.