Material consumption and storage inventory are key in several types of company. It is important that such companies have a tool that provides a clear and comprehensive overview regarding the need for materials at all times. The ROB-EX – Material module provides full information relating to materials to ensure that you have the best possible basis for making the right scheduling decisions, in due time.

Graphic/viewable presentation of material consumption

With the Material module – BOM (Bill of Material) – you are able to:

  • predict your material consumption
  • extrapolate stock inventory (raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished goods)
  • view your stock inventory (raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished goods).
  • detect patterns in consumption and see how these patterns and the stock inventory will develop in relation to a given production plan
  • asses the changes generated by choices made in the production plan

The Material module will provide you with an overview of whether you will have a shortage of materials or lack storage capacity. Such occurrences and the degree of severity of each occurrence will be clearly colour coded. (Red figures show the amount of raw materials that will be lacking, if the current or simulated plan is executed).

Optimised purchasing and full capacity utilisation

ROB-EX provides the information needed for purchasing the correct amounts of materials, while also ensuring that you are able to obtain volume discounts and to optimise your storage utilisation. By ordering new materials so that you get them when they are needed, you avoid filling up your storage facilities unnecessarily over longer periods of time.

See when materials are needed and ensure that the required materials are ordered in due time – or change your plan so that a lack of materials does not leave machines and operators idling.

Features included in the Material module:

  • Definition of materials
  • Classification of materials
  • Definition of storage locations
  • Minimum/maximum storage levels
  • Planned material transactions
  • BOM – Bill of Material – for each planned operation (defining consumption, production and material graphs)
  • Pegging with overlaps

Cabinplant coordinates all project plan and production schedules in ROB-EX

A single order for a customer can consist of more than 100 different processing machines and transporters etc. In the past each department had its own Excel sheet to plan their work in, but now Cabinplant have a solution from ROB-EX.

Maskinfabrikken Silkeborg Spåntagning: We now have a better understanding all way round, as everyone is kept up to speed

With ROB-EX, we have really gained a full overview of production, and it’s simply great. Especially since we set up viewers in production, so that everyone can see what’s going. Virtually everyone in the company uses ROB-EX – even our owner and CPO.