Flexible and updated job lists and production plan – at all times

In the perfect world, production plans require no further adjustments once they have been made. However, the reality of production scheduling is that you often have to deal with all kinds of unexpected events or other changes in your production setup.

ROB-EX Operator improves and simplifies communication between scheduler and operator. This greatly reduces time spent on responding to changes and rescheduling. ROB-EX Operator provides you with features for immediate feedback and follow-up, so that all relevant parties are kept informed of any and all changes and have immediate access to the adjusted plan.

Operators have access to updated job lists

ROB-EX Operator provides operators in production with access to updated on-line job lists. This provides a clear overview as regards the jobs assigned to each operator as well as the time at which the jobs are to be carried out.

You are able to monitor progression in production and view the status of scheduled activities. Operators report the status of each job as well as the completion of activities, so that the status is viewable in the production plan at all times.

The planner is updated on activities in production

Operator feedback regarding production activities is immediately registered online and viewable in the ROB-EX production plan. Planners are provided with a continuously updated overview of the progression of scheduled production activities.  This means that you are able to ensure that your plan is always reliable and dependable.

When a given activity/operation/order is completed before or after the scheduled time of completion, you are able to adjust your plan to the changes and get an immediate overview of the consequences of the change – and you are also able to see an overview of occurrences of natural variations in the given activity. The information regarding the consequences of changes makes it possible to introduce corrective measures at the earliest possible stage, and an overview of natural variations makes it possible to utilise the variation to your benefit.

No need for operators or planner to be tied to the PC

ROB-EX does not require that operators and planners are connected via a PC. ROB-EX provides online access via web browsers on iPads, tablets or smartphones.

The job list is available everywhere in production and you can use it for distribution of:

  • work instructions
  • drawings
  • documents
  • information regarding orders
  • information regarding activities

The information is available and you can share it with operators during your production rounds. The planner is also able to make on-the-spot adjustments and updates in the plan, based on information given by operators at their work stations. Bring the updated job lists and production plan to production meetings and go through the updated job list and the current plan or get an overview of progression in the daily or weekly production.

Online access provides all relevant people and departments in your organisation with access to information from the same continuously updated real-time production plan.

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