ROB-EX Web Planner


ROB-EX Planner is the main module in the ROB-EX Scheduler system, for which users purchase their license(s). Planner includes a comprehensive program for detailed scheduling. We prepare and set up the program for your specific needs. The main module is a highly efficient tool for graphic/viewable production scheduling in manufacturing companies.

With the programme, you define the production system that you wish to schedule and subsequently add new orders into a rolling plan.

Try out different scenarios and find the best possible plan

With the interactive Gantt chart, you are able to:

  • view and edit the plan
  • run “What if ..?-scenarios (simulations)
  • try out changes in order sequencing to determine how you achieve the optimum utilisation of your capacity
  • find out if you are able to avoid having to book in overtime by changing the allocation of machines or operators to optimise utilisation of all resources

Scheduling: limited capacity

ROB-EX Scheduler operates with resources (machines and staff) and resource calendars that set the capacity for your various resources.

The program uses this information to calculate lead time when you schedule with limited capacity. This provides you with a strong basis for determining realistic delivery times.

Setting up operations and routes

You set up operations by naming them (e.g. milling, bending etc.) and connecting the resources that are capable of executing the given operation. Then you define the routes as a sequenced operations including set-up time, operation time (fixed or calculated) etc. “Fixed” or “flexible” connects between operations handle queue time, transport time and setup time.

You schedule the order manually or automatically based on your preferred scheduling strategies.

Production orders are set up with:

  • order no.
  • number of produced items
  • delivery date
  • route

Manual or automatic scheduling

Scheduling is dynamic – see changes, and how they affect the plan immediately.

There are two ways of operating the Gantt chart:

  • Manually – you simply use your computer mouse to operate the graphic Gantt chart, e.g. moving elements with your mouse
  • Automatically – based on relevant strategies, e.g. forward from a given point or backwards from a given point

Resource calendars and work loads are presented graphically, to ensure easy assessment of production capacity.

Features included in ROB-EX Planner:

  • Modelling of resources
  • Capacity calendars
  • Operations
  • Routes
  • Gantt chart viewing and editing
  • Work load graph
  • Colour coding (e.g. marking orders with delayed delivery times)
  • List of production orders
  • Scheduling strategies (forwards and backwards)
  • Standard reporting
  • Access via web or desktop

Planning: one planner or multiple planners

ROB-EX Planner has features for both single planner scheduling and multiple planner scheduling.

Single planner solution:

Edit plans and save them as files that can be shared with other users – the same way that you would share other documents and spreadsheets.

Multiple planner solution:

An efficient tool for improving overview and avoiding capacity shortage. This tool improves collaboration and coordination between multiple separate planning areas.

Cabinplant coordinates all project plan and production schedules in ROB-EX

A single order for a customer can consist of more than 100 different processing machines and transporters etc. In the past each department had its own Excel sheet to plan their work in, but now Cabinplant have a solution from ROB-EX.