Viewer provides all relevant employees with easy and clear access to viewing the production plan. It is often conducive to performance that several departments are able to view the production plan e.g. by placing monitors in relevant departments, so that everyone is kept informed about the work in progress and planned activities.

Look – but don’t touch..!

With the Viewer module all relevant departments are able to view the production plan – and adjust their work in accordance with developments in production.

Your employees are able to:

  • view the latest plan
  • search the orderlist
  • zoom in on operations
  • view and colour code the status of activities

A Viewer user has access to the same viewing features as the planner, but will not have access to editing the plan.

The Viewer module has proved to be a valuable tool in other departments than production. In sales departments, sales staff have used to Viewer module to provide customers with realistic and much more reliable delivery times. Some manufacturers use the Viewer module to provide everyone involved in production with an overview of developments in the orderlist, status, rush orders etc..

Individualised/tailored views

The Viewer can be set to update the screen automatically when a new plan has been confirmed. The Viewer is also configurable to allow for tailored/relevant views for each user. This is useful if the user only needs access to information regarding certain resources, a specific type of order or only needs access to other partial/tailored information.

Features in ROB-EX Viewer include:

  • Gantt chart viewer
  • Work load graphs
  • Colour coding
  • Order lists
  • Standard reports

De Danske Gaerfabrikker (”the Danish Yeast Factories”) increased production capacity by 15-20% with ROB-EX

We have increased capacity and improved efficiency significantly by implementing ROB-EX – and we expect to continue to do so. I would like to commend ROB-EX for the way that the system pinpoints the areas in production that have capacity to yield more output.

Hans Jørgen Lynggaard
CEO, partner

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