JP Air Tech: With ROB-EX we generated 30 % growth

Since we got ROB-EX, we have seen a growth of 30-40%. This would NEVER have happened without ROB-EX, and the way that it has given us control of production. Today, we have a full overview of orders and a much better flow. We have optimised the time spent on scheduling, and no longer spend all of the time updating everything. We simply don’t need to do this anymore, because ROB-EX updates things automatically

Ambercon: All employees have visual access to ROB-EX, and can see what is being produced and when.

ROB-EX came into play, when we decided to implement a new ERP system. We concluded that it would require too much work to develop the features that we needed, if we were to continue our production scheduling via the new ERP system. We decided that it would be better to find a program that simply provided all the tools that we needed. The deciding factor that finally tipped the scales in favour of ROB-EX was that here we would get a system that would continue to evolve and develop over time. This is not possible with an ERP system.

Kellpo: We had the needed overview the minute we were up and running

All responsibilities concerning scheduling were allocated to a single employee. This meant that one man was responsible for keeping production up and running at all times, for ensuring that the required orders were produced and for ensuring that produced goods were delivered on time. This is a heavy burden for any one man to bear. We really needed help, and we chose ROB-EX as our solution to solving the problems.”

EME Hydraulic: An important step toward digitization

ROB-EX was meant to solve our scheduling challenges, provide us with an overview of all orders and contribute to a calmer working day. Today I will say we can’t do without it. It is so important for our customer relations that we are able to say when we will deliver. We can trust the system and avoid inventing things on the hoof. The constant state of alarm we experienced before has by and large vanished with ROB-EX.

Australian Bodycare: When everybody has the big picture, collaboration gets much better

The plan is shown visually in ROB-EX for everybody in the company to see, and this means that everybody gets the big picture. This is of course important for the decision makers, but it is certainly also very motivating for a production worker to see how his or her task is an important part of the larger system. You understand the importance of what you do, and there’s nothing more inspirational than that.