Baltic Emballage: Only 65 % of orders were delivered on time – today on-time delivery has reached 99.8 %

“We use ROB-EX Scheduler to the full, and we are extremely happy with the system. There is really nothing negative that I can say,” says Jesper Larsen, COO at Baltic Emballage since the spring of 2016.

We now have an overview and deliver on time

When Jesper Larsen was employed by Baltic Emballage in 2016, almost 35 % of the deliveries were delayed. Jesper Larsen was familiar with ROB-EX from a former position, and was formerly involved in the implementation of ROB-EX in other companies. Only a year after the implementation of ROB-EX in Baltic Emballage, on-time delivery reached an impressive 99.8 % – and today the company has a much better overview of production.

It was precisely the overview that used to be lacking – both as regards a long-term overview and an overview of items and materials critical to production. Scheduling was carried out manually in a spreadsheet – and there was no flexibility.

“We had a whoops!-situation almost every day,” Jesper Larsen recalls. “We were constantly facing emergencies and we saw good employees leaving all the time, and had to spend a lot of resources on recruiting new people to replace them. Today we are finally rid of the frantic pace and working climate, and are able to settle down and focus on actually doing our jobs, in relative peace and quiet.”

Today, Baltic Emballage communication is almost 100 % IT-based, and this constitutes the basis for new and essential flexibility, also for Jesper Larsen, who no longer needs to be physically present in the company every day to run production.

Give employees a say: efficency increases and job-satisfaction improves

ROB-EX has helped the company improve communication and inclusion of employees. Jesper Larsen continues,”Everyone has access to viewing the production plan via the many Viewers that have been set up everywhere in the company – including production. This has generated a constructive and productive working climate – people know what to expect and we now see improved flow.”

Saving time equals saving money

ROB-EX has simplified communication in all phases of the order process, by giving everyone access to viewing the plan and to seeing where the status of the order in the system.

“Employees have an entirely new and positive approach now, and the overview enables them to plan their daily work more efficiently. Employees report back to the ERP system themselves. The ERP system is integrated with ROB-EX, and this makes it possible to keep progression in production updated at all times,” says Jesper Larsen. Direct reporting into ROB-EX saves a lot of time. Furthermore, it is not only production that has viewing access to ROB-EX Scheduler; the Department for Shipments is also able to view the status of orders, e.g. whether a given order has been produced or is pending.

We spot problems sooner – and are able to pre-empt disaster

Jesper Larsen continues: “We have experienced other benefits than the ones we targeted. We have views that cover the whole plan. We no longer have to rely on two sets of eyes to spot all potential problems – we now have 12 people actually working on the plan. With more eyes comes more feedback, and we are able to spot potential problems and find constructive solutions before everything goes haywire”.

The implementation process and collaboration with ROB-EX A/S Planning Solutions have been great

“The process of implementing ROB-EX in the company has been a great experience. We implemented ROB-EX Scheduler in August 2016, and we were fully operational in 2 weeks. Our collaboration and contact with ROB-EX A/S have both been excellent and we have not experienced any problematic issues whatsoever. ROB-EX A/S has always been easy to reach and ready to help us. I always call Tommy (Tommy Junge Hansen), who provides us with prompt and targeted solutions to whatever we need,” concludes Jesper Larsen.

About the customer

Baltic Emballage produces buckets for varnish and paints for both private homeowners and the industrial markets. The main market for exports is the EU, but Baltic Emballage also exports products to the US, Russia, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore. The company has 37 employees.