Billund Aquaculture: We have reduced the processing time and produce more goods

There is a significant demand for the highly specialised equipment that Billund Aquaculture manufactures for sustainable fish farms all over the world. The company’s ability to utilise its production capacity is very important for quick and efficient delivery but also for the bottom line.

Billund Aquaculture decided to upgrade to digital production scheduling in the spring 2020 and the venture has been fruitful already. Mikkel Petersen is Supply and Production Planner at the company and he is very happy about the results of the first year with ROB-EX:

“We have more goods in process now because we waste less time from completion of one batch to start-up of the next. The reason is that we always know what the next order is. And due to the fact that we have reduced the lead time on production orders, we can now manufacture more goods and increase efficiency significantly.”

Full control over the inventory

One of the keys to increased efficiency is a detailed overview of the inventory. When the machines are working and the belts are running, it is imperative that you do not run out of raw materials – and this is one of the points where ROB-EX makes a difference.

“There’s a significant improvement of the data flow between our inventory and production floor,” Mikkel Petersen explains. “We know that we always have the goods we need, avoiding costly halts of production. At the same time we have a high level of traceability which means that we can easily find the root cause of any problem and prevent it from happening again.”

Changes are no longer causing headaches

Like the majority of manufacturing companies Billund Aquaculture constantly face changing circumstances. Before ROB-EX, urgent orders would cause hours of extra work for the planners and it would be difficult to get a full overview over the consequences. Now, ROB-EX provides the insights needed in almost no time.

“Digital scheduling has given us the agility and the visuel overview that makes it possible to produce more flexibly. We handle urgent orders in a better way, give our customers immediate responses on their requests, and keep production running smoothly simply because we always have the full overview,” Mikkel Petersen says.

Gets better and better

Deciding to implement ROB-EX is deciding to give yourself the opportunity to improve day by day. As you accumulate your experience in applying the system you will discover new ways of making scheduling even more efficient. That was also what Mikkel Petersen’s learned:

“ROB-EX operates exactly as it is supposed to and we notice from month to month that our planning gets better as we keep improving our skills at utilising the many possibilities of ROB-EX. Our delivery service is currently at 95% which is way better than before. We have not calculated the financial effect yet, but I am certain that the effect on our bottom line is positive,” Mikkel Petersen concludes.

About the customer

Billund Aquaculture is specialised in production systesm for recirculating fish farms. The company has completed more than 130 projects all over the world and is one of the world’s leading players in the field. In order to sustain and develop its position Billund Aquaculture focuses on efficient production which supports customer relations as well as financial results.