Brdr. Christensen has better control of bottlenecks and workload scheduling

Export worldwide

Brdr. Christensen develops and manufactures valves which are exported worldwide, and the products are used in oil, gas, water, and heating plants as well as in chemical and petrochemical plants. The company is one of the largest in Europe to manufacture these types of products.

Workload planning and bottleneck management

Production planner Carlo Pedersen from Brdr. Christensen states: “Our existing order system lacked features to handle workload planning, e.g. we would like to be more at the forefront of managing bottlenecks. We also produce specific subjects for customer orders which often have short time of delivery. Therefore it is important that we estimate a precise time of delivery, for example by taking existing orders into account.”

“We did not want a big and heavy system that would take up server space and many work hours – therefore we chose ROB-EX. Just as all other scheduling it is necessary to have the right data, but this also means that we have achieved better control of our production as well as saving time both on scheduling and in production,” he continues.

Entire PRO CESS planned in RO B-EX

Brdr. Christensen has used ROB-EX for several years and the solution is now fully integrated to Dynamics XAL from Microsoft. The entire foundry process is planned in ROB-EX, including:

  • Construction
  • Model/form creation
  • Casting
  • Cleaning
  • CNC
  • Painting
  • QA
  • Packing

ROB-EX provides an important overview to planners and sales department, an overview that the ERP system is not able to provide. Brdr. Christensen has also experienced an improved accuracy on delivery dates after they started using ROB-EX.

About the customer

Manufacturing at Brdr. Christensen includes casting, hardening, processing, assembly, and surface treatment. The scheduling is handled in ROB-EX Scheduler.


To be more on top of things regarding handling workload planning and managing bottlenecks


  • ROB-EX planner
  • ROB-EX integration


  • Workload planning
  • Managing bottlenecks
  • Important overview for planners and sales department
  • Improved accuracy on delivery