Campine has an accessible and up-to-date scheduling system

All production data integrated into a single schedule

At Campine it is important to have an overview and surveillance of the three production lines. Since the implementation of ROB-EX Scheduler the scheduling at Campine has become more transparent. Frank Bogaert, head of the plastics production department, knows how important this is.

Excel sheets are history

In his department Frank Bogaert is responsible for several tasks regarding working schemes, materials, and maintenance of production lines. Recently, ROB-EX has been implemented to optimize the production scheduling at Campine. Frank explains: “Excel sheets and printouts belong to the past. Now everyone have access to the schedule, and the number of errors is significantly reduced.”

Always updated

From the initial idea of having an advanced planning system to the actual implementation there has been a very short time period. Frank continues: “Within two months the project was realized. We have an easy and visual system where all our specifi c needs are included. In addition, ROB-EX is an affordable solution.”

Accessible and easy to delegate

“The color markings on each line clearly show when different products are to be used in production. And the system is accessible for departments within the company. We are better able to plan the working teams, the machines operate more effi ciently, and we can respond more quickly to customer inquiries. In addition, it is easier to delegate tasks to other planners.”

Opportunity to expand the solution

Frank has been working with ROB-EX for some time. He is very satisfied with the system, and he believes Campine can get even more benefits of using ROB-EX in the company. “We really want to deepen our knowledge of the system. We also have a wish to integrate ROB-EX to our ERP system SAP. Thus, we can save even more time because we will be able to better control the procurement of raw materials for example. We also examine the possibility to get an overview of the set-up and switch-over times on the machines with a new tool that could connect to the system. This would give us the ideal schedule in ROB-EX. We are sure that the future holds many opportunities for our use of ROB-EX.”

About the customer

At Campine, a company located in the Belgian town Beerse, proper scheduling is necessary. Campine produces the substance antimony trioxide. It is found in flame-retardants for example. In addition, Campine produces plastics used in packaging and households. The company is also active in the fi eld of lead recycling. It recycles about 50,000 tons of lead based batteries and other waste products.


Campine needed a better overview of their three production lines and less errors in the production


  • ROB-EX planner
  • ROB-EX viewer
  • ROB-EX plus
  • ROB-EX materials


  • Better overview of the entire production
  • Reduced number of errors
  • More effective utilization of machines