Fipros get more through their production apparatus because they spend less time on machine setup and changes

Safe supplier

As a subcontractor flexibility and reliability of supply is crucial to meet the customers’ needs and wishes. Therefore, Fipros want to be able to deliver every order to the time the customer wants – no matter how short the deadline is. Customers must be able to rely on Fipros as a reliable and safe supplier.

Fipros is ISO 22000 certified within food safety for the following product and service areas: drying, mixing, grinding, and packing of food ingredients.

Opportunity to optimize resources

Orders will be created in Dynamics NAV and when an order has been approved it is automatically exchanged with ROB-EX Scheduler, including prescription and production route. The order is displayed with the status “new” in ROB-EX and it is scheduled immediately, most often “forward from today with limited capacity”. If the order is scheduled to be ready for delivery within the customer’s requested delivery date everything is fi ne and nothing further is done.

If ROB-EX on the opposite shows that the order will be done after the customer’s requested delivery date, the planner immediately starts exami-ning the possibility of optimizing resources. First, he explores whether he can move one or more orders in the production process to other resources not as overloaded as the fi rst choice.

At the same time he can see in ROB-EX how large the workload is on each resource and resource group. The objective is to handle productions within two shifts (18 hours) on weekdays. If it is not possible to optimize within this objective they must include weekends or a third shift in order to live up to the promise of delivery to the requested time.

Great help from ROB-EX

Fipros optimize on setup and changeover times by placing productions with the same route after another. By doing this they can get even more through the production facilities. At the same time they assess which productions that requires minimal cleaning. This can save a lot of time, e.g. if two productions that contain the same ingredients can be run right after each other. Through tools in ROB-EX Fipros get help to assess all these considerations. The greatest help from ROB-EX is when a customer want to push an order through production in a period where there is actually sold out and all capacity is booked for other orders.

Easy to simulate consequences

When using ROB-EX Fipros can easily simulate the consequences of pushing a new order into the production schedule. Maybe the consequence will be that one or more orders cannot be finished on time. Some times it is possible to agree on another delivery date with a customer, and if this is not possible they can increase capacity with more hours for manpower and machines, securing that the order will be finished on time. “Without ROB-EX it will be completely confusing to start moving orders around without losing track. We have used ROB-EX for many years and I cannot imagine how I would solve my job as a planner without it” says Poul Pedersen, Production planner at Fipros.

About the customer

Fipros A/S is a subcontractor of food products. The production is highly automated and mechanized with emphasis on food safety and high quality. Fipros’ primary customers are Danish food producers as well as export to Scandinavia and Germany.