JP Group has an optimal exploitation of resources, better scheduling, and increased turnover

The daily scheduling

Johs. Pedersen Maskinfabrik and Dansk Autoparts use Concorde XAL as administration and production management system. In both companies Concorde XAL is integrated with ROB-EX which is used to schedule production in both companies.

When orders are received they are created in XAL in two separate accounts for Dansk Autoparts and Johs. Pedersen Maskinfabrik respectively, and the production orders are transferred to two separate schedules in ROB-EX. After the exchange of order information the planner is responsible for scheduling the orders in ROB-EX.

Detail scheduling of Jobs

The planner ensures detail scheduling and moving the jobs to the desired combination of man and machine. When the planner have prepared an optimal production schedule, the schedule is approved by the foreman before the scheduling information is exchanged with the ERP system and sent further out to each clock card machine in the production. At the same time a production schedule for each work center is printed out. This way everyone can see in what order they should run the production orders.

Room for rush orders

Flemming Jensen, CIO at JP Group, says about the investment in ROB-EX: “When we get a request on a task from a customer the production schedule in ROB-EX can tell us right away whether we can meet the customer’s delivery requirements. If our delivery date is too far out into the future compared to what the customer wants, we have a good overview of all our current production orders, and we can assess the possibility to move some orders and how much overtime work we have to calculate with, as well as what our customer have to pay in additional fees if we are to deliver a rush order.”

Good overview

Before the implementation of ROB-EX there was no real possibility to assess the consequences by taking in new orders and move around on the priorities in the production. Now the production scheduling is so secure and so detailed that JP Group with great certainty can inform the customers when they may have a desired job put into production. “With ROB-EX we have a really good overview of our 300 production orders in progress”, says Flemming Jensen.

Sale of machinery

Before purchasing ROB-EX JP Group were about to buy new machines to keep up with demand. But after the implementation of ROB-EX they could do with one single planner (instead of four) and they ended up selling some machines because they were no longer needed.

About the customer

Johs. Pedersen a/s Maskinfabrik is a company within JP Group A/S. Other companies in the group are Dansk Autoparts A/S who mainly produces autoparts, and JP Group A/S who
sells auto parts in many countries. Johs. Pedersen A/S Maskinfabrik is primarily make-to-order subcontractor specialized in cutting, bending, and welding. ROB-EX has contributed to better utilization of resources and greater consistency of supply.