MBE has a better graphical view and far less errors in their data entries

Satisfied customers

MBE has more than 50 years experience in the concrete unit production industry and carries out continuous development of their methods of production, so that they are able to match the requirements of the national and international construction industries at any given time. The company is able to plan on all projecting bases, depending on the requirements and wishes of the individual customer. Their employees follow up on the projects so that the concrete units are delivered to the satisfaction of the customer.

Have minimized number of entry mistakes

Anders Sørup is Production manager at MBE and says the following about the investment in ROB-EX: “We tried to obtain an overview of our on-going operation by using an Excel spreadsheet, but this was a complicated tool to work with and we also experienced serious blunders due to typing errors. This was why we decided to invest in ROB-EX and at the same time get the scheduling program integrated with our ERP system, Dynamics NAV. This meant that we could avoid having to type in data twice and this has clearly minimized the number of errors in our planning.

A clear graphical overview

MBE set up all new orders in Dynamics NAV and when they plan their production all data is exchanged with ROB-EX. They have gained a clear graphical overview of all orders in operation. They are able to see immediately whether they will have difficulties in delivering on time and they can adjust the plan in ROB-EX at once and the changes are automatically transferred back to Dynamics NAV. Furthermore, MBE’s sales people are provided with a clear overview of on-going projects enabling them to see fairly accurately when they are able to promise delivery on new projects.

A very significant spin-off

When the orders are keyed in, the drawing department works out detailed drawings of the units that MBE are to produce, and they do this in Auto- Cad. Thanks to the ROB-EX Viewer all employees have access to viewing the production data and drawings, and if the details need to be studied more closely they simply zoom in on the drawing and the given detail can, if so desired, be printed out on a printer on the shop floor. This feature saves time for employees in the production, and it has been a very significant spin-off that MBE had not expected when they started scheduling in ROB-EX.

A good investment

“ROB-EX has proven to be a fantastic investment for us, and we are very happy with how we are able to employ the system in our daily assignments so that we carry out our production as optimally as possible,” says Anders Sørup.

About the customer

A/S Midtjydsk Betonvare- og elementfabrik, also called MBE, is a danish private company which produce precast concrete units for office, industrial and residential buildings. MBE are many contractors’ preferred supplier of concrete units for prefabricated buildings throughout Denmark. ROB-EX Scheduler provides MBE with a better overview and it increses security of supply.


To obtain better control and overview of work in progress securing precise delivery


  • ROB-EX planner
  • ROB-EX plus
  • ROB-EX integration
  • ROB-EX macro
  • ROB-EX multi-user


  • Fewer mistakes
  • Fast and easy to re-schedule
  • Much better overview of work in progress
  • Information available to all involved personnel