OTV Plast handles more orders because of better scheduling

The production at OTV Plast

The processing of technical plastics is carried out on state-of-the-art production equipment, and combined with 20 years of experience this ensures competitive prices and a consistently high quality. OTV Plast’s machine portfolio consists of advanced CNC-operated processing centres, among these: a 9-axial turning and milling centre, 5-axial milling centres, large plan milling centres and 10 other processing centres complete with modern programming equipment. OTV Plast specializes in both prototypes and mass production based on sketches or drawings.

Hot and cold bending is an expanding business area for OTV Plast. They also carry out gluing of PVC and acrylic materials as well as hot air welding and extruder welding. OTV Plast has a large stock of semi-finished plastic materials (technical plastics) at their disposal and this allows them to deliver from day to day. 

Tripled the orders

Henrik Jylov is Managing Director at OTV Plast. He says the following about the investment in ROB-EX: “In the first three years with ROB-EX our orders have tripled without an increase in our number of employees. I give ROB-EX a significant part of the credit for this. Without this tool for planning our production orders we would not have been able to assess the flow of the work in progress in production.” ROB-EX means that OTV Plast can provide their customers with reliable delivery times. In the event that a delay has occured due to e.g. lack of materials, complications with machines or other equipment, or absence due to illness OTV Plast has been able to alert customers about the situation very quickly. This enables the customers to take the delay into account and make the appropriate adjustment in their own production. And this is of vital importance to the customers that OTV Plast as sub-suppliers are able to provide precise information concerning the status for delivery. If OTV Plast are unable to deliver e.g. wearing bands/treads, gear, wheels, bushing/sleeves for a giving machine on time, it may consequently result in delays for customers and their customers’ subsequent deliveries, often for projects worth millions of kroner.

The ability to deliver on time is vital for growth

All orders were entered into their ERP system for order management, but it was difficult to get an overview of the accumulated workloads in relation to production capacity. The result was too many delayed orders. The only person able to make a prognosis in relation to time of delivery was far to often the production manager. If one of OTV Plast’s customers called to get a status on their orders, the only person able to provide answers was the production manager. Therefore, ROB-EX has also been a great help in relieving the pressure on the production manager.

Satisfied customers

Since the implementation of ROB-EX, everybody can access the production schedule and see when there is room for a new order or they can see the status of a given order in progress. This has meant satisfied customers – and increasing numbers of customers as well, because the romours of the good results spread among potential customers in the machinery industry.

About the customer

OTV Plast A/S is a major Danish supplier of both semi-finished plastics and plastic items produced by machining. ROB-EX Scheduler has helped to triple the volume of orders and ensure OTV Plast’s position as a reliable supplier in the industry.