Palsgaard have a better visual overview and can plan according to capacity and constraints on equipment

Ingredient producing company with overview

Food manufacturer Palsgaard A/S with headquarters and manufacturing in Juelsminde, Denmark, is a growing company. The company employs 350 people. It has 12 subsidiaries and manufacturing in the Netherlands, Mexico, and Malaysia.

Palsgaard is a healthy, growing company. The company’s growth very much look set to continue, and therefore Palsgaard needs a planning and scheduling system that provides overview and transparency.

With the implementation of the planning system ROB-EX Scheduler, the production has been optimized. Among others things, it has meant a much better overview of the production processes. 

Visual overview

The transition to ROB-EX Scheduler has resultet in much less use of printouts. Information and knowledge sharing is done through ROB-EX Scheduler, which is used along with the company’s ERP management system.

– Today we have a much better visual overview of the plants. We can see the production in context. In the past, we operated with detached Word documents to each production unit. Now we have a complete picture on one screen, says Torben Dahl-Hansen, Supply Chain Manager at Palsgaard.

ROB-EX Scheduler has given Palsgaard a visual overview of capacities on the individual facilities. Because of this, they are able to optimize the order flow.

– Our production planners have a good overview of what each new order means for the other deliveries, says Torben Dahl-Hansen. 

Shared knowledge

The enhanced sharing of information and knowledge is a major advantage of ROB-EX Scheduler, according to Toben Dahl-Hansen – also when new employees start in the company.

– Everything is organized and managed in one system with a single screen. Everyone has access to knowledge about the entire production. In this way, everyone can contribute even better to the development and improvement of processes, says Torben Dahl-Hansen.

On-going development

At Palsgaard it is crucial that they can keep developing and refining the scheduling system to match new requirements and new needs.

– It is important that we can develop the system continually. Right now we are testing a new feature in the scheduling program, which clearly show shelf life on the products, and thereby when they need to proceed to get fewer stops in production and reduce waste, he emphasizes.

About the customer

Palsgaard A/S develops and produces emulsifiers and stabilizers for a wide range of food manufacturers worldwide. The company is specialized within products for bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, margarine, and dressings. Additionally, they produce emulsifyers for the polymer production and cosmetics industry.