Pro-Automatic saves money on overtime costs after the implementation of ROB-EX

Precise status on individual orders

Pro-Automatic has previously used Modulex boards for planning the production of electronic panels and switch boards, but this proved too complicated and slow when dealing with the large number of orders that they have. Therefore, they decided to get a modern PC-based planning tool, and they chose ROB-EX. “We have not regretted our choice for a single moment”, says CEO Michael Schrøder.

They have a volume of approximately 300 current orders for electronic panels and switchboards, and ROB-EX gives a clear overview of all orders. ROB-EX also enables Pro-Automatic to provide their customers with a precise status on individual orders, and the customers can rely on the delivery time they are promised.

No frustration in production departments

Whenever they receive an inquiry concerning a new assignment, the sales team is able to see when a time of delivery for the order could be realistic. Subsequently, if Pro-Automatic receive the order, it does not result in frustration in production or in fitting/assembly departments, because the sales team has a clear overview of all current assignments.

Work groups and man-hours at disposal

At Pro-Automatic the employees are divided into different work groups. These groups have been set up as resources in ROB-EX, and each resource deals with various core products. The core products are:

  • Mains and distribution panels (distribution of electricity and effect of current)
  • Control panels (machine control)
  • Group panels (e.g. for single family detached houses)
  • Double insulated panels (e.g. for agriculture, harbours, camping grounds etc.)
  • External fitting (restructuring of existing panels and switchboards)

Pro-Automatic has ROB-EX set up to show the number of man-hours that they have at their daily disposal in each work group, and they can see how many hours that have been allocated to the daily assignments in each group.

Quick overview by means of colours

The foremen can monitor the progression of production for each individual order. When the order is set up in ROB-EX, it is given the status “created” and the colour grey. When the drawing is ready the status is changed and the colour also changes to dark blue. When production of the panel frame is started the colour is changed to light blue in the production schedule. Following, when the panel is fitted/assembled the order in the schedule turns green.

ROB-EX provides the foremen with the possibility to monitor the progression and they can react immediately if the progression does not proceed as expected. If a customer calls to inquire about the status of the order/orders that he has placed, the foremen are able to provide a clear answer immediately, by simply glancing at the schedule in ROB-EX. Furthermore, they are able to obtain an overview of the individual fitters and the assignments that are allocated to each of them respectively.

About the customer

Pro-Automatic A/S is a modern manufacturer of electronic switchboards and control panels. The company develops and manufactures all types of switchboards, from small boards to advanced distribution switchboards of several thousand ampere. The production of control panels includes control panels for machine operations as well as complex process control panels. All panels are delivered in type tested system modules that meet the national and international norms and standards. ROB-EX Scheduler has made planning at Pro-Automatic easy to handle and more accurate.