Sjølund can give their customers exact delivery times

A reliable partner

Sjølund bend and roll steel, stainless steel, aluminium sections, and metal sheets. Fast delivery and a flexible attitude make Sjølund a reliable partner for a large number of companies within a wide section of industries. They have delivered steel sections for many large and famous building projects across Europe. Among these are the Parliamentery Building in Berlin, the Skywalk at Hannover Fair, the Daimler Benz building on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Frankfurt Airport, and the Rotunda on Tuborg Harbour.

ROB-EX gives a great overview

Sjølund have a large number of rolling mills, and at any given time they have approximately 1300 current order lines. Sjølund had difficulties in providing their customers with delivery times that they could rely on. Therefore they decided to find a tool that could provide a better overview of the order book. They chose ROB-EX, which is integrated with Sjølund’s Dynamics C5 ERP system.

As soon as Sjølund receive an inquiry from one of their customers concerning a potential assignment, our sales team can access the production plan in ROB-EX, and immediately give customers a delivery time that is achievable. This is due to the fact that times of delivery are based on factual knowledge concerning the current assignments already present in the production process. If the order is placed with Sjølund, it will be set up in C5 with parts list and production routes, and subsequently transferred to ROB-EX. Here it is allocated directly to a given rolling mill, if the recorder of the order is 100% certain about which specific machine will be used for the assignment. Alternatively, the order is assigned to a group of machines in ROB-EX, and the foreman will then schedule in detail and move the order to the machine on which he choose to solve the assignment.

Optimized delivery safety

The Gantt schedule in ROB-EX provides a visual overview of all current assignments, as well as a quick overview of the orders that lack materials, something that typically happens because the customers are responsible for delivering the materials for a given rolling assignment. ROB-EX also sends an alert in the event that production time seems to slip and consequently prevents Sjølund from delivering on time. ROB-EX provides the possibility of making adjustments to correct the situation, e.g. by calling in employees to work overtime or by reviewing priorities at the earliest possible moment in the order process. It benefits both employees and customers.

When an order is launched in production, our employees regularly report back to C5 with time consumption and number of completed items. This means that ROB-EX allows all concerned to monitor the progress of each individual order in production.

ROB-EX has optimized Sjølund’s accuracy in relation to delivery considerably, and it has proven to be an excellent investment.

About the customer

Sjølund A/S is specialized in section bending. This specialization, knowhow, and highly qualified employees have made Sjølund the leading ben ding and rolling specialist in Europe. They wanted to provide accurate delivery dates to their customers, and now they can – with ROB-EX Scheduler.