UG Metal delivers on time and utilize ressources better as well

Modern metal foundry

UG Metal is one of Denmark’s largest and most modern metal foundries, and covers the need for metal castings of high quality in aluminum, gunmetal, bronze, and brass in the Danish and European industry. They produce both to orders and standard goods for stock. The customers range from mixers and pump factories to shipyards, windmill and car factories. UG Metal uses MS Dynamics AX integrated with ROB-EX to plan and schedule their production.

Unique visualization and lower lead times

At UG Metal the production is planned roughly in Dynamics AX and ROBEX is afterwards used to the detailed scheduling to ensure that the production progress in the most optimal way and with the least possible time spent on setup and changes.

The unique visualization of setup, process time, queue time, and overlaps in ROB-EX makes it easy and fast for planners to simulate and find the best possible production plan. Dynamics AX and ROB-EX work on the same data, but the planner decides when the changes that are made in the plan should be exported to Dynamics AX.

Production planner Peter Dahl from UG Metal says: “ROB-EX has made us capable of increasing utilization and lower lead times. Already during the planning we can see possible problems and solve them immediately. Before we handled problems when the production was running, and this caused interruptions and delays. I simply have not seen anything that does the job as well as ROB-EX”.

Accuracy on delivery dates

UG Metal has used ROB-EX for several years, and ROB-EX is fully integrated to Dynamics AX. UG Metal plans the entire foundry process in ROB-EX, including:

  • Form creation
  • Casting
  • Cutting and grinding
  • Cleaning
  • QA
  • Packaging

ROB-EX provides a great overview to both planners and the sales department, an overview that the ERP system cannot supply, and UG Metal has improved their accuracy on delivery dates after the implementation of a ROB-EX solution.

About the customer

European metal foundry, UG Metal, is scheduling their production with a ROB-EX solution integrated with Dynamics AX ERP system from Microsoft. The solution helps UG Metal plan, simulate and visualize their production. The result is a higher utilization and shorter lead times.