ROB-EX v6.4.1 is ready for download

The most significant new features and improvements

  • ROB-EX Dashboard resource graph enhancements.
  • The ROB-EX client startup .exe files for Planner and Viewer have been enhanced, so they are able to start from an embedded OpenJDK Java Runtime.
  • The Search Panel ‘X’ icon now clear all entered search values.
  • Speed-up of the logout process.
  • The ROB-EX “Integration client service” now as default installs itself as a 64-bit service using a 64-bit embedded Java Runtime.
  • A new color mode looking at produced material (like current “Material shortage” color mode). Useful when scheduling e.g. intermediate/finished good production orders.
  • The Floating License Server and Integration Client has been updated to use the new embedded Java Runtime.

Download and read more about the new version here.

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