ROB-EX to be introduced on the world’s largest production fair IMTS

For several years ROB-EX A/S has been present in the USA with users throughout the country and in different industries. Recently we partnered up with Conperio Technology Solutions from St. Louis and on the 9/10-9/15 2018 Conperio attends the IMTS show in Chicago, the world’s largest production fair to introduce ROB-EX Scheduler.

We are booking meetings and demos already

Conperios’ initiative for IMTS this year will be 100% dedicated to ROB-EX Scheduler and MES capabilities.

According to Wendy McCormick, VP Business Development & Talent Acquisitions from Conperio, Technology Solutions, a significant amount of companies have already shown interest in visiting Conperio on IMTS. Her expectations for the IMTS Show are high and she looks forward to the many meetings and demos already scheduled.

There is a lack of Scheduling and Planning tools in America

“As in Denmark Scheduling and Planning is a weak area for American Manufacturing companies,” Wendy McCormick says. She continues: “Whether the company be a large, global site or a single location small to medium sized company they all suffer from the same thing, the lack of Scheduling and Planning tools which results in the continued use of Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards.”

The only system dedicated to Scheduling and Planning

“The current US based products on the market today are all large systems that could take years to implement and cost millions – and the Scheduling and Planning functionality is only a small part of the large system – and when complete, still doesn’t answer the Scheduling and Planning difficulties manufacturers experience,” Wendy McCormick states.

Therefore she and Conperio are confident that ROB-EX A/S will be a common name in the US when speaking about products that actual solve Scheduling and Planning difficulties, based on capabilities, interest and need:

“The ROB-EX Scheduler is a specific response to a specific need with an implementation time that could be months, rather than years. It provides the Planning and Scheduling capabilities in real time while also integrating with other systems such as Batch, Recipe, MES & ERP and the product is scalable and competitively priced so it’s a fit for any size organization. The US based market hasn’t had a Scheduling and Planning tool that you can take out of the box, configure and begin using and that is the products competitive edge.”

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