Tips & Tricks: Transition Rules

Learn more about transition rule setup for changing between resources.

Transition rules for changing resources are set up on the given resource. This means that limitations are established to dedicate a certain operation to specific resources, and closing off the operation for other resources in the group that are not capable of carrying out the specialised operation.

Transition rules for changing resources can by established based on the given product, but there are other ways of doing it too. For example, an item cut on a specific machine could be too complex for ordinary welding, and therefore it is necessary to do specialised welding. In such a case, you can limit the resources for the operation to specifically appointed welders with the relevant skills. See the example below.

User manual:


How do I make sure that large components are only handled by the welders specialised for such operations – how do I set up limitations in the group of resources?

1. In this example we operate with two groups of resources: a Cutting Group and a Welding Group.
2. The route includes two operations. Both operations are to be carried out by selected resources in the group.

3. Open Edit Resources
4. Select the resource for handling large components. Here: Fanuc
5. Choose the tab marked: Transition rules for changing resources
6. Click ”Add”
7. Insert the names of resources (separated by ”,”)
8. Click ”Close”
Note: If the Product field has been filled out, the rule is established based on the product (marked with a red circle)

9. If you set up a route for this production order and select ”Fanuc” as the resource, the rule limits the available operators for the next operation to Nick and Andrew, and only one of the two can be selected for the operation.

Note: Remember that the rule applies both ways. If Nick is allocated to the welding operation you cannot choose Cincinatti as the cutting resource.

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