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This is a description of how the configuration text file (“GanttSetup.properties”) is used. The configuration file contains various settings concerning the behavior and appearance of ROB-EX. Configurations made to this file will affect all clients starting from the same product installation. Note that many settings concerning the appearance is set locally per client in the Functions->Settings->General menu.

First it is described how to create a new configuration file then some examples showing the use of the most used settings are treated. At last follows a reference of all the available settings.

Create a new configuration file (“GanttSetup.properties”)

In a fresh installation of ROB-EX no configuration file exists. So in order to change one or more setting(s) the file needs to be created first. Create a text file in the following folder.


Name the text file “GanttSetup.properties”.

All changes to this file will affect all ROB-EX clients starting from same exe file in <sch_client_dir>\bin.

Add settings to the configuration file

If a setting is not mentioned in the configuration file the default value is used. Thus only the settings to be changed should be added to the file. In order to add a setting to “GanttSetup.properties” find the setting in the Reference of available settings, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the file. ROB-EX must be restarted in order to apply the changes made in the file.

Comments can be inserted in the configuration file by starting the line with a hash (‘#’) sign, see below.

# This is a comment

In the following a few examples of how to add settings are treated.

Add setting “Disallow the switching of operation status”

In order to disallow the user to change status on operations paste the following line into the “GanttSetup.properties” file.


Add setting “Hide operations with status Completed

Completed operations can be hidden from the Gantt chart. To do this paste the line below.


Paused and Cancelled operations can also be hidden by specifying the lines below.



Add setting “Synchronize Manpower and operation efficiency”

If ROB-EX has the “Manpower” plug-in installed, the manpower factor and operation efficiency can be synchronized in different ways. Valid settings are:

Value Description
Off There is no synchronization between the operation efficiency and the operation manpower
Clone The operation efficiency will be copied to the operation manpower
Scale The operation manpower will scale with the operation efficiency

In order to enable the setting paste the line below and change to the desired value.


Notice that this setting can be enabled/disabled for each resource in “Edit->Resource”. Select a resource and select the “Detail” tab. Change the “Synchronize Manpower and Efficiency” to “Default”, this will enable the setting in GanttSetup.

Example of a “GanttSetup.properties” file

The above examples are put together below. The comments are also included.

  1. Enable the switching of operation status


  1. Control based on individual operation status if an operation should be visible or not in the gantt chart
  2. Useful to hide completed operations without actually removing the operation from the route
  3. Only status values listed here are supported

  1. Status operation PAUSED

  1. Status operation CANCELLED

  1. Status operation COMPLETE


#Should the man power factor and the operation efficiency always be the same?

Reference of available settings

Below a categorized reference of all the available settings is listed.


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