The script is a .BAT script which will execute the standard ROB-EX Setup Installer multiple times without showing the installation wizard. I.e. the .BAT script will automatically update or install multiple ROB-EX components. The script:

  • Will stop services like Multiuser Server, License Server, Integration Client Service, etc.
  • Will verify if all components are updatable (not in use)
  • Will carry out the update or the new install
  • Will restarts services again after completed install

Read more in the Running the script section about how to customize the script to your exact needs – e.g. selecting what components to install and to what folders.


The script will enable IT Departments and Systems Integrators to easily carry out updates of multiple ROB-EX components without deep knowledge of the technical aspects of ROB-EX On-prem deployments.

Pre-requisites for running the script

  1. Must be run with Administrative priviliges
  2. A ROB-EX Setup Installer v7.2.1.141/v7.0.0.1015 or later placed into the same folder as the .BAT script

Download the script

Download the BAT script to your ROB-EX server from this link (right click and select Save link as... as information will be lost with copy/paste)
Place the script in a location you choose. A recommended location could be c:\install\robex on the server you want to install or update a ROB-EX on-prem deployment. If you plan to edit the script, it is recommended that you copy the original script into a new file and rename it to your liking.

Running the script

To run the script right click the .bat file in File Explorer and select Run as administrator


  1. The installer SetupRobex*.exe file must be located in the same folder as the script!
  2. You can open the script in a text editor like Notepad++ and make adjustments to tailor it to your exact requirements
    • To not install certain components edit section with “set doXX=false”
    • To specify Desktop client startup language edit section with “set LA=xx YY” below
    • To change installation directory edit section with “set INSTALL_ROOT_DIR=xx” below
    • To edit names of services to stop and start edit assignment of respectively variables listOfServicesToStop and listOfServicesToStart

The following is an example recording of a script modified to update a Muliuser Server component

Script startup command parameters

The following is a list of supported parameters supported by the script. To run the script with parameters first create a shortcut to the .BAT file. Next edit properties of the new shorcut, adding the parameters to the very end of the Target (separated by spaces)

/S Silent mode. Can be set as first parameter, in which case pause is never called (even in case of errors). The default is to ask the user to confirm the startup and confirm any error encountered.
/NEW Set Install Mode to new. Default is update


  • New installs of Integration Client services are not carried out by the script. These are installed manually as described here.


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