Automatic scheduling of production orders and operations can be initiated from the following sources

Supported planning strategy names

When a planning strategy needs to be selected, it will be specified as a string value, typically in a variable called planStrat, planStratName or schedulingStrategy

The available supported strategy names are listed below:

Name Description
none ROB-EX schedules nothing, existing date and time for each operation is used. Operation start calendar is ignored if end calendar is specified.
forward,materialcalendar,unlimited Standard ROB-EX forward from material date rule with unlimited capacity.
forward,materialcalendar,limited Standard ROB-EX forward from material date rule with limited capacity.
forward,now,unlimited Standard ROB-EX forward from NOW rule with unlimited capacity.
forward,now,limited Standard ROB-EX forward from NOW rule with limited capacity.
forward,lastinqueue,limited Standard ROB-EX forward from last operation rule. An operation is placed immediately after the last scheduled operation of the resource.
backward,deliverycalendar,unlimited Standard ROB-EX backward from delivery date rule with unlimited capacity.
backward,deliverycalendar,limited Standard ROB-EX backward from delivery date rule with limited capacity.

Planning strategy modifiers

In addition to the planning strategy itself, then additional modifiers are supported using the special notation shown below. I.e. write the following

backward,deliverycalendar,limited[stayOnCurrentResource=true, ensureAfterNow=true]

to run the “Backward from delivery date with limited capacity” rule with the modifiers “Ensure operations planned after now” and “Stay on resource”.

The following modifiers are supported

Modifier Value(s) Description
allowMoveResourceInGroup true or false Allow move to different resource within group. Read more here
allowSubOperationMove true or false Allow sub-operations to move to different resource. Read more here
campaignScheduling true or false Use Campaign scheduling options. Read more here
dependencyStrategy SCHEDULE_ALL
Options regarding external Dependencies. Read more here
ensureAfterNow true or false Ensure operations planned after now. Read more here
performTankSplit true or false Options related to IDS and DemandSatisfier macro.
scheduleStartedCompletedOperation true or false Schedule started operations (the “Completed” part as of 6.4 no longer supported). Read more here
stayOnCurrentResource true or false Stay on resource group. Read more here
useBOMConstraints true or false Respect BOM Constraints. Read more here
validateSchedulingAndShowWarnings true or false Show scheduling warnings. Read more here
minimizeLeadTime true or false Minimize lead time by ending the scheduling of each order with a bottleneck schedule in the opposite direction


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