The width of the text field can be modified, by adding the attribute custom options “width”. The following example will show how to change the width of the field product number.

1. Find the file roles.xml in the custom folder in the ROB-EX/Planner/custom and open it in an editor. In case the file cannot be found in the custom folder, see the chapter Location of the configuration file.
2. Find the part in the file where the role.admin is defined, from the top of the document, the first role. And find the FeatureContainer: Pgantt.plan.views.demo.OverviewDetailInfo, as shown below.

3. Insert the attribute width and specify the width for the text field, as shown below.

<FeatureContainer name="Pgantt.plan.views.demo.OverviewDetailInfo">
      <Feature name="jtfProdOrderName" visible="true" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jlCustomer" visible="true" enabled="true"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jtfCustomer" visible="true" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jlRouteName" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jtfRouteName" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
       <Feature name="jlProjectMgr" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jtfProjectMgr" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jlProjectResp2" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jtfProjectResp2" visible="false" enabled="false"></Feature>
      <Feature name="jtfProductName"  visible="true"  enabled="false"  customOptions="width:wwwwww" ></Feature>

4. Insert the same line in the section for, as shown below.

5. Save the file and restart Rob-Ex.

Naming conventions

The naming of the feature containers and features normally refers to the type of GUI they represent. For instance, the “jtfCustomer” feature starts with the three letters “jtf”. This indicates that this is a JTextField. The “jtfCustomer” is located in the feature container “Pgantt.gui.dlgorderlist.DlgOrderList” where the three letters “Dlg” indicate that it’s a dialog. Below the most common abbreviations are described.


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