When importing unit of measure, as an example using the Excel master route/bom import, then the following names are supported. Any of the strings in column “ISO unit” and “Alternative 1-4” may be used. Important: case matters.

Unit class ISO unit Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3 Alternative 4
Weight KGM kg kilogram
Weight TNE t metric ton ton tonnes
Weight GRM g gram
Weight ONZ oz ounce
Weight LBR lb pound
Weight MGM mg milligram
Weight STN short ton ton (US)
Weight CWA cwt cwt (US) hundred weight (US)
Room GLL gal gallon (US)
Room MTQ cubic metre m3
Room LTR l litre liter dm3
Room MLT ml millilitre mm3
Room OZA fl oz fluid ounce fluid ounce (US)
Room BLL barrel barrel (US) oil barrel
Room PT pt pt (US) pint (US)
Room QT qt qt (US) quart (US)
Length MTR m metre meter
Length FOT ft foot feet
Length INH in inch inches
Length KMT km kilometre kilometer
Length MMT mm millimetre millimetre
Length YRD yd yard
Length CMT cm centimetre
Length DMT dm decimetre
Length SMI mile statute mile
Amount EA ea each
Amount MWH mw megawatt hour megawatt
Amount PCE pce piece pieces
Amount HUR h hour hr
Amount MIN min minute
Area MTK square metre m2
Area DMK dm² square decimetre dm2
Area KMK km² square kilometre km2
Area FTK ft² square foot ft2
Area INK in² square inch in2
Area MIK mile² square mile mile2
Area YDK yard² square yard yard2


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