This page is a guide on how to upgrade from an existing Proficy Scheduler installation to ROB-EX. The installation assumes you are upgrading to ROB-EX 6.4 or later. Typically the existing installation will be Proficy Scheduler v5.2.

It is worth noting, that Proficy Scheduler customers will, after upgrade according to this guide, run on a pure ROB-EX installation (i.e. to an installation with no difference, software and licensing wise, from a standard ROB-EX install).

Program files are for Proficy Scheduler stored in c:\program files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Scheduler. For ROB-EX it will be in c:\program files(x86)\ROB-EX . When upgrading, you will need to run the ROB-EX installers and install ROB-EX software all over.

The effort for performing the actual update is app. 3-5 hours, depending on the complexity of your configuration.

This following describes the different steps needed to perform the upgrade.


  1. We can issue a new ROB-EX 6.4 license key ahead of the upgrade.
    1. Proficy Licensing is not used by ROB-EX. You will need to install a ROB-EX License server – read more about “licensing” at Licensing version 6.4 and newer.
    2. Typically, existing Proficy Scheduler customer has just a single Proficy License Server, serving both e.g. QA and production. We can continue the same way with ROB-EX licenses – i.e. with only a single instance of the ROB-EX License Server.
    3. Ask the ROB-EX A/S support for a ROB-EX Floating License key replacement. Please provide full customer details and your current Proficy Scheduler license details – including the current list of licensed modules and clients.

Upgrading the server

  1. Take a backup of c:\program files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Scheduler\ganttServer. Then uninstall (from Add/Remove programs in Windows) the current Proficy Scheduler Instance 1 (and 2 if applicable)
  2. Install a new ROB-EX Server instance. The GanttMultiuser database is the same between Proficy Scheduler and ROB-EX. So just point to the existing GanttMultiuser database when installing the ROB-EX Server.
  3. New services for ROB-EXServerInstancex64 will be created when installing the ROB-EX Multiuser Server
    1. Disable the existing Proficy Scheduler Server Instance service – and eventually, after a successful upgrade, remove it (use e.g. the windows utility sc.exe to remove the service from the command line).

Upgrading the client

  1. Run the ROB-EX 6.4 Client installer to Install the ROB-EX client
  2. You need to uninstall the Proficy Scheduler client after the upgrade is complete. But you can leave it for now, until the upgrade is complete
  3. Copy all configuration files from c:\program files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Scheduler\Planner\custom to c:\program files (x86)\ROB-EX\Planner\custom. Notice that custom folders may exist in many versions, holding different configurations for different sites.
  4. New services for integration clients need to be installed all over again
    1. So disable any existing Proficy Scheduler Integration Client service – and eventually, after a successful upgrade, remove it/them.
    2. Read more about how to install a ROB-EX Integration Client service at Integration client.
      • Ensure the new ROB-EX Integration Client service are using the same “Logon user” as the old service it replaces
    3. You will have to transfer possible integration client settings by manually copying files in c:\program files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Scheduler\Planner\service\serviceX\proficy scheduler to c:\program files (x86)\ROB-EX\Planner\service\serviceX\robex
    4. You may need to move any custom configurations of the service from c:\program files (x86)\Proficy\Proficy Scheduler\Planner\service\serviceX\proficy scheduler\conf to c:\program files (x86)\ROB-EX\Planner\service\serviceX\conf
      • Note that the most recent ROB-EX 6.4 installer uses a different service launcher than the Proficy Scheduler 5.2 version. Read more about this at The old Integration Client service.

User settings

  1. User settings are for Proficy Scheduler stored in %userprofile%\proficy scheduler. For ROB-EX it will be in %userprofile%\robex
    1. A ROB-EX 6.4 client will at startup, in case %userprofile%\robex is not found, check for the existence of %userprofile%\proficy scheduler. If found settings from %userprofile%\proficy scheduler will be automatically copied into %userprofile%\robex
    2. It will be important to test that the settings have been correctly copied (i.e. making sure a ROB-EX client has the same macros, order list table setup, etc.).
    3. Note that the location of user settings may have been customized on the client startup shortcut – look for any startup parameter like -Dscheduler.user.home=<directory>. Read more at Running multiple ROB-EX Scheduler clients with individual environments. Make sure that a possible overridden location is also available (reachable) for the upgraded ROB-EX version.

Client startup shortcuts

  1. Shortcuts to start ROB-EX clients will point to bin\ROB-EX Gantt.exe. Users will need a new shortcut with a different icon.
  2. All command line options from the old bin\Proficy Scheduler.exe shortcut must be copied to the new bin\ROB-EX Gantt.exe shortcut.
  3. If your current Proficy Scheduler deployment is running on Citrix then you need to have new shortcuts created by your local Citrix Team


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