ROB-EX Scheduler is developed by Danish IT and production specialists.

  • A standard software solution that manages and controls all aspects of production
    • ensures optimised and efficient utilisation of your production facilities and resources
  • ROB-EX provides a viewable/graphic overview of your production
    • it is a versatile and efficient tool for fast and flexible scheduling
  • ROB-EX will improve both your top and bottom lines

Integrable with all ERP systems

ROB-EX is integrable with all ERP systems and is offered as an added component by a broad range of ERP suppliers.

A good scheduling solution is not just about getting a good software program. It is also about the level and quality of service that you may expect as users of a production scheduling tool.

Standard software is configured so that it matches your type of production and your actual needs and requirements. Users purchase one or more user licences and enter into a support subscription agreement, which includes access to the latest updates and new program versions.

A solution that improves both your top and bottom lines

Optimising your production scheduling with ROB-EX generates results on both your top and bottom lines. Documented results obtained by ROB-EX users include:

  • Reduced payment costs (production staff/operators)
    •  optimised scheduling reduces the need for expensive overtime payments, also in relation to rush orders
  • Increased revenue
    • precise and reliable delivery times + flexibility to handle events in production
  • Improved competitiveness
    • shortened delivery times = strengthened market position
  • Reduced capacity costs
    • improved utilisation of production equipment + saving or postponing acquisition of new machines
  • Reduced storage costs
    • improved scheduling reduced the required number of items in storage
  • Reduced penalty costs
    • Reduced number of compensation payments for delayed deliveries
  • Reduced subsupplier costs
    • improved utilisation of capacity = reduction of the need for external suppliers (companies are able to undertake more operations inhouse)
  • Improved financial utilisation of resources
    • less manhours are spent on scheduling + machines and resources are utilised optimally

An investment in ROB-EX has a high ROI – and generates a multitude of other benefits as well.

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