“Palsgaard has multiple product lines and ROB-EX makes the connections between them visible. We transport items from one production facility to the other, and if we are running behind schedule, we are immediately able to see the consequences that the delay will have in the second production facility – and we are able to determine how best to respond to the changes.”Christina Elstrøm, Supply Chain Coordinator, Palsgaard


ROB-EX Scheduler is a modular standard software program that improves both customer services and productivity. The modular design provides multiple configuration options. The core of the system consists of the main module: Planner. In addition to this, we have developed a range of optional modules that are dedicated to specific types of production or contain more advanced/specialised scheduling features.

Users purchase a number of user licenses ROB-EX Planner (the core module) and for any optional specialised modules that may be relevant for their specific types of production.

For more information about our range of specialised/advanced modules, see above.

ROB-EX provides a production scheduling solution that meets specific and actual scheduling requirements in all industrial sectors.

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