ROB-EX Batch makes it easier to schedule production of liquid materials, powders etc. Scheduling is based on storage tank capacity and the duration of operations. With ROB-EX you have a scheduling tool that is tailored for liquid or powder manufacturing companies with products/materials that are kept in storage tanks.

Features included in the Batch module:

  • Scheduling of proces manufactured orders
    • both semi-processed and fully processed
  • Process orders for finished products, e.g. packing
    • can be based on customer requirements
  • Process orders for semi-processed products
    • based on the finished product’s requirements for semi-processed ingredients
  • Order adjustment to match physical equipment
  • Automatic inclusion of CIP orders (Clean In Place)
    • based on the given equipment’s specific requirements for cleaning
  • Alerts when semi-processed product durability reaches a preset limit
  • Scheduling of pumping of materials between various process operations

The Batch module is an efficient tool tailored to meet the requirements of process manufacturing, e.g. in food industries, chemical industries, healthcare etc.

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