Scheduling: projects and capacity in a single system

It is easy to lose your overview in large projects with many production orders. The project module in ROB-EX Scheduler makes managing projects easier.

With ROB-EX you can

  • set up and schedule each project
  • keep an overview of how individual projects affect your capacity
  • have an overview of how your capacity is utilised by each project and by the projects combined

The project module is suited for companies that operate with project manufacturing, e.g. machine manufacturers and other manufacturing companies that produce multiple parts as sub-assemblies to be used in the finished delivery.

Your project portfolio is scheduled on resources. You are able to simulate the revenue on ongoing projects, so that you are able to compare process results with the budgetted revenue.

Simple setup of projects

If your projects have been defined in another system, you are able to import them into ROB-EX – or you can use the templates available in ROB-EX to set up both simple and highly complex projects.

Features included in ROB-EX Viewer – project:

  • Project level in the activity hierarchy
  • Gantt chart that provides a full overview of projects
  • Project accounts that compare budgets with the scheduled activities

Årdal Maskinering will not do without ROB-EX for complex production scheduling

ROB-EX has given Årdal Maskinering a significant better overview. They can see the entire sales order in one single picture, and at the same time see all the different production orders that the sales order consists of.

JP Group has an optimal exploitation of resources, better scheduling, and increased turnover

Johs. Pedersen Maskinfabrik and Dansk Autoparts use Concorde XAL as administration and production management system. In both companies Concorde XAL is integrated with ROB-EX which is used to schedule production in both companies.