ROB-EX 7.4 is ready for download

ROB-EX version 7.4 is ready. It is something we have been looking forward to announcing and all our developers have been working hard to get the final details in the new version ready.

Our primary focus in the new version is our ROB-EX Web Planner, which has undergone yet another major development. A development that we are incredibly proud to be able to present and which we are sure will add great value to all users, as ROB-EX Web Planner is now even more accessible and easy to use.

Web Planner is included in your ROB-EX Premium or Premium+ subscription. Please contact your local partner for more information about ROB-EX Premium or Premium+ subscription.


The most significant features and improvements:

  • Edit master data in ROB-EX Web Planner. With version 7.4 you can handle more of your daily tasks in the Web Planner and you can now edit your master data directly in the Web Planner.
  • New Keyboard shortcuts in Web Planner to avoid repetitive strain injury.
  • See how many people are currently using ROB-EX. You can now constantly keep an overview of who is currently using ROB-EX and whom you may coordinate with if you make changes to the plan.
  • Now it is easier and faster to update. We wanted to give our users the opportunity to always run the latest ROB-EX version where the latest improvements and options are included. Partly because this makes you able to always use the latest version but also for security reasons. We have added scripts that, as a single run, install or update all used ROB-EX components. Once the script have been adapted and tested, it enables the local IT department to install and update themselves easily, safely and quickly.
  • Dashboard now provides a better overview. Based on user input, we have reversed the order of how stacked bar charts in Dashboard are displayed and it is now even more visual whether the available hours can meet capacity needs for the normal orders that do not have the status “Reserved.”
  • Avoid accidental deletion of calendar. In version 7.4 we have made a function that prohibits the desktop client from deleting the calendar types “General,” “Week,” and “Holiday,” as long as one of these is still actively used by a resource or by a general calendar. This prevents accidental deletion of something with great consequences.
  • New Planning rule: Minimize lead time. We have added an exciting new setting to the scheduling window “minimize lead time.” With this setting switched on, the planning of each order ends with the operations of the production order being pulled together as much as possible in terms of time – the lead time is minimized. It is thus the bottleneck resources that help to determine how early it makes sense to start the order.

Download and read more about the new version here.

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