ROB-EX scheduling gives a shared sense of responsibility

We very often find that the visual overview in ROB-EX is what many companies highlight when they have to talk about one of the major advantages of using ROB-EX for their production planning. And the overview not only helps to see when an order must be produced or when it is finished. We see in many companies that the overview also brings the company together and gives everyone a feeling that they are together for a common purpose. Now all employees can follow along.

Australian Bodycare, Danish manufacturer of beauty and care product, chose ROB-EX for digital scheduling of the company’s production processes. The idea was ‘just’ to make scheduling more flexible, manageable and easy to adjust, but the solution has proved to have a positive effect for others than the planners – in fact, the visual overview over the production has strengthened cooperation across the entire organisation.

Esben Kristoffersen, Supply Chain Manager and Co-Owner, says: “The plan is shown visually in ROB-EX for everybody in the company to see, and this means that everybody gets the big picture. This is of course important for the decision makers, but it is certainly also very motivating for a production worker to see how his or her task is an important part of the larger system. You understand the importance of what you do, and there’s nothing more inspirational than that.”

Read more about the benefits that Australien Bodycare has achieved from introducing ROB-EX Scheduler as their plannng tool.

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