This gives an overview of how to specify number formats in ROB-EX. Numbers are constructed with a string that specifies a pattern for how the numbers should be formatted. ROB-EX has a default format used, which can be overridden for some LayoutItems and for some GUI items in Roles.xml. For more info, see Enable/Disable GUI elements.

The default ROB-EX number format pattern is: “0.00”, meaning that there is minimum 1 integer digit and exactly 2 fraction digits. This can be changed by changing the value of the key=default.numberFormat in the language properties file. For more info on modifying the language file, see Runtime language configuration.

Below are some examples of number format patterns and the result they give (the grouping and decimal separator are locale dependent, below examples illustrate the en_US format):

Pattern Unformatted value Formatted value
0.00 12345.600 12345.60
0.00 12345.6789 12345.68
  1. ##
12345.600 12345.6
  1. ##
12345.6789 12345.68
00.0# 1.234 01.23
00.0# 1.200 01.2
#,###.# 1234567.89 1,234,567.9

For a more in-depth tutorial and documentation, see the Oracle online documentation on Customizing formats.


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