The resource overview provides a flat list of all resources. It is particularly helpful when searching or sorting on specific attributes of a resource. It is also helpful when changing a value for a range of resources in one operation. To change value for multiple resources, first select the first cell. Next select the last cell of the range while pressing the shift key and double clicking the cell. The entered value will be applied to all selected resources once the <Enter> key is pressed.

Add additional columns by right clicking in any part of the column header.

Explanation of commonly added columns


Edit the color representing this resource in the Gantt plan. Double click on the color next to the resource and select a new color.


Set the efficiency for this resource

A resource working with another efficiency as the standard resource.
E.g. an older machine which only can make 80% per hour of what a newer machine can make, can be set to 0.8. If the standard time for an operation is 10 hours for the new machine, the older machine will do the operation on 10 hours/0.8=12,5 hours.

If an operation is moved between the two machines the operation time will automatically be calculated.


Connect a resource to a calendar:

  1. Double click in the field Calendar next to a resource and a list of available calendars is shown.
  2. To create or edit calendars right click on the headline Resources in the tree view to the left.

If the activities of a resource are to be displayed in relation to its resource calendar both a valid resource calendar has to be selected and the check box Active has to be enabled.

Advanced calendars in the drop-down box:

Calendar from group
If the resource is a member of a group it is possible to automatically set the calendar to the same calendar as the group uses.
Calendar from group members
If the resource is a group it is possible to join the calendars of the individual members into a calendar for the group. See more here: Resource group using members calendars


With this value unchecked, operations are scheduled on this resource without considering a shift calendar. It is highly recommended to enable the “Active” state, as many core elements of ROB-EX Scheduler requires a shift calendar to be assigned and active, in order to fully work.

The value of this field is also editable by right clicking the left side resource label of the Gantt chart and select Capacity according to calendar. See description of the Gantt Chart for further details.

Unlimited capacity

If a resource capacity is set as unlimited, the scheduling rule will always see the resource as having unlimited capacity. Even in cases when scheduling with finite capacity. Enable this for e.g. sub-contractors, where you always assume they are able to produce with a fixed lead-time.


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