For client versions prior to /, the Integration Client service is launched using a so called “Wrapper” launcher. For versions / and later, an improved launcher called “Procrun” is being used.

Installation and un-installation are identical between the two launchers. Only configuration of existing and additional settings vary.

This page describes how to configure the Integration Client “Run as Service” for client versions prior to / using the “Wrapper” launcher. Only files specific for the Wrapper launcher are mentioned.

Am I using the old or the new service launcher

To learn what version you are using

  1. Open the Windows Services Manager (Run->Services.msc).
  2. Show the properties of the RobexClient_XXXX_Y service in question
  3. If the “Path to executable” contains “wrapper.exe” you are using the old launcher
  4. If the “Path to executable” contains “RobexServiceXX.exe” you are using the new launcher

How to upgrade an old integration client launcher

If you have an old Wrapper based launcher and would like to change it into the new Procrun launcher, you may follow these steps. The description assumes an old integration client installed in the directory service\serviceX

  1. Update the ROB-EX client to ROB-EX / or newer (for older client versions, the service is not stoppable by procrun)
  2. Take a backup of \service\serviceX to \service\serviceXbackup
  3. Copy new updated RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe to \service\RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe
    • The updated service/RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe installer is included in SetupRobexClient_v6.4.0.319.exe or later. For 6.2 use a zip upgrade and ask our support help desk for a manual copy of the service\RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe from 6.4
  4. Run RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe and uninstall serviceX
  5. Run RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe and install serviceX – remember to specify correct site name
  6. Add additional custom settings from old settings file \service\serviceXbackup\conf\service.conf. Use Regedit.exe to edit the settings.
  7. Make sure to run the new RobexTray.exe (will be installed by RobexIntegrationClientSetup.exe) – it has a new icon. If it has the old icon, then you are not using the correct version.
  8. Start the new service from RobexTray.exe or “services.exe”

Configuring the old Wrapper based launcher

The old Wrapper based launcher is configured by editing files in a text editor. The following gives you an overview of the configuration files used.

Service files

Configuration files specific for the old Wrapper launcher are explained below.

Sub-directory conf

The file “service.conf” contains settings of the service client which from time to time may need to be changed or updated in case the default values conflicts with other applications. Edit this file with a text editor (Notepad or the like). Especially the following two settings may need to be changed:

# Communication Port number (TCP) the Scheduler uses for communication with the
# tray manager and other automation clients. This setting can be changed after
# the service has been installed.
# If you have existing applications occupying the same port numbers change
# this setting to an unused port and restart the client service.

# home directory of this particular service. Client settings, Log files etc. are
# stored here

The file “service_common.conf” contains more advanced settings which are typically only changed in rare circumstances.

In case the PC has more than one Java Runtime installed (e.g. 1.6 and 1.7 versions), a specific Java runtime may be chosen by removing the comment character # and edit the line so it points to the JRE you would like to use. Notice that an environment variable can be specified which points to the correct JRE location. Notice the use of environment variables enclosed in % like JAVA_HOME in the default example below.

# Specify a specific java binary. If commented out then by default, 
# the Wrapper will look for a Sun JRE using the default registry key

To learn more about the available settings read the descriptive comments directly in the file.


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