Scheduled operations with a status higher than New will be visible in the Gantt chart on the resource they are assigned to and on their scheduled start and end dates. Manually move any operation by simple drag and drop. Selecting an operation will draw black constraint lines between operations within the same production order. Blue dotted constraint lines are drawn for constraints between different production orders (e.g. pegging links or sub-order links).

Click on an operation in the Gantt chart and a small operation toolbar will show above the operation. The next paragraphs will explain more about the options available in the operation toolbar, including the scheduling options, what affect they have and possible keyboard shortcuts (eg. p+n) to fast and efficiently execute the action as your level of confidence increases.

Operation toolbar

The toolbar shows up when clicking an operation in the Gantt chart.


The schedule button to re-schedule the full production order. Click the arrow to get the dropdown of all scheduling strategies and for changing options.

  • Forward from now p+n: Schedule the orders forward setting the start time of the first operation of each order to time NOW.
  • Forward from material date p+m: Schedule the orders forward setting the start time of the first operation of each order to when the material is ready for the order.
  • Forward from date p+t: Schedule the orders forward setting the start time of the first operation of each order to the custom date entered in the date field.
  • Backward from delivery date p+d: Schedule the orders backward from the delivery date.

The section Scheduling strategy has more detail of the different scheduling strategies.

Bottleneck sorting

The bottleneck sorting button, click the arrow to get the dropdown for the scheduling options.

  • Forward b+f: Sort all subsequent operations after the bottleneck operations.
  • Backward b+b: Sort all previous operations before the bottleneck operations.
  • Two Way b+t: Do a backward bottleneck sort and then a forward bottleneck sort on the bottleneck operations.

The section Bottleneck sorting describes more about bottleneck sorting.

Change resource

Moving the operation to another resource. Click the arrow and a dropdown will show up. Select the resource from the list that the operation should move to. If it is not allowed to move the operation to any other resource, the dropdown will be empty.

Show in order list

The button to open the operation in the order list (for shortcut click o. Repeat to close order list again). Click the button and the order list will open and highlight the order in the order list.

Edit operation

The button opens the edit operation view (for shortcut click e+n). See more about Edit operation


This button will take you to the Track Changes by user web-site showing information about who changed what on an operation and when it was done. A great help to answer the why the schedule looks like it does. Note you may be asked to login, in case your login credentials needs to be reconfirmed. This feature is not available to ROB-EX Web Viewer.


The last button More contains the opportunity to lock the order and operation. When the operation is locked a lock icon is shown on the operation in the Gantt chart, and it is not possible to move or reschedule the operation.


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